Stage Write Songwriter's Night

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Tonight I had the privilege to sing in the Stage Write Songwriter’s Night presented by Plugged In Entertainment.  Joy Collins and Joe Hrasna have taken on the daunting challenge of consistently finding, booking, and promoting talented singer/songwriters with this songwriter night.  Every Wednesday night they are there ready to discover new talent and encourage old friends.

Currently held at the Blue Bar, the Stage Write night is like a weekly family reunion.  On any given night the crowd will be made up of singers, musicians, artists, songwriters, and a vast collection of industry regulars.  Although the line up changes week to week, the goal remains the same… sing your heart out.

The night is typically hosted by one of the songwriters of the evening.  They keep the party rolling while the scheduled songwriters rotate on and off the stage.  I had a chance to m.c. the night and it was a blast.  Most nights the performers are joined by percussionists that sit in on the sets and lend a rhythmic hand to their song.  The songwriters that are scheduled to perform either have a 3 song/15 minute spot, a seat in a round, or they are the featured guest of the evening and then you have a larger chunk of time all to yourself!


Tonight’s guest was Michael Peterson.  Michael is a seasoned singer/songwriter in Nashville with a heart for people.  He always has kind words and the time to invest in people’s passions.  I have seen him perform a number of times and he never fails to captivate the room, make people laugh and dance, and have everyone singing along.  It is always a treat to catch his energy.

I opened the show tonight right at 8:30.  I was joined by my cowriters Frank Michels and Lindsey Davis.  I can’t say enough about how blessed I am to be around such driven and talented people.  I will tell you more about Frank and Lindsey later, but for now just know that our songs went off without a hitch and I was on a musical high for the rest of the evening.

It is rewarding when you get the chance to be a part of a live musical performance in Nashville.  There is nothing like it – a room full of people who can either sing better, have more connections, play their instrument with more precision, or have a more artistic look than you.  Nonetheless you get up on the stage and reveal your songs and hope the eagerly listening crowd accepts your musical offering.

Stage Write happens every Wednesday night – check it out and tell me what you think!  Let me know if you ever play there – I would love to catch your show!

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