How much do you weigh…

In Music, Ponder this, Songwriting on September 4, 2009 at 5:42 pm

scaleHow much do you weigh?  Oh, maybe I shouldn’t ask that.  Do you struggle with your weight?  I know I do.  Have an eating disorder or are you a glutton?  Think about weight in a different light and check out the etymology of the word talent:

Middle English, from Old English talente, from Latin talenta, plural of talentum unit of weight or money

SO technically I could ask you what you weigh and you could tell me all the things you are good at.  Sticking with the weight analogy… we know all these stats about our body.  We can easily measure height, weight, width, eye color, strength, etc…  Can one’s talent be measured?  And, is it as easily discovered and displayed?

Even our driver’s license catalogs our physical stats.  What if it were to additionally list our talents, “Jane Doe, 5’8″, 168lbs, sings 5 octaves and creates original art.”  Isn’t it harder to tell that sometimes?  And if you do know the ways you are talented it isn’t always that easy to apply them.  Upon introduction, people are more prone to admit that they work at a law office before they would admit that photography turns them on and they wish they were a National Geographic photographer traveling the world.  That wouldn’t seem responsible, just a childhood dream.

We live in a world that praises college degrees and desk jobs.  Not that either are wrong – but when was the last time you heard a friend say,  “Hey I am going to be a singer/songwriter in Nashville.  I am going to sell everything I own, move there and make music for a living,” and NOT feel a little sense of worry as to how they were going to pay the bills and make ends meet on a job you can’t get with a good resume and suit filled job interview.  Why must we grow up and forget what turns us on and forget the talents and abilities that we were uniquely given?

Are you committing your life to the application of your talents?  Are you putting all that “weight” to work?  There is no room for regret in this life – start telling people how much you “weigh”.

“Talent works, genius creates.”
~Robert Schumann

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