Nashville Music Business Camp

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NMBCNashville can be a jungle.  You meet people who want to surpass you, and they say you are bad to build themselves up.  Some people want your money so they say whatever you want to hear.  There are other people who actually want to work with and for you.  In town you are not sure who is a friend, a music business acquaintance, or an enemy.

Some people should be here – they have a creative genius like no one else or their instrument comes so naturally that it blows your mind.  Some people should not be here – they have selfish ambition or no talent.  Who am I to say who should and shouldn’t be here; it doesn’t change the fact that this town has a little bit of everyone.  I have met dream builders and dream dashers… you definitely need an advocate on your side.

The Nashville Music Business Camp is the rare opportunity when someone is on your side!  The creators of this experience want to help people learn the ropes so they don’t get burned by the very ropes they are trying to figure out.  Too many people lose time, money and hope by being taken advantage of by people with the wrong intentions.

The Vision & Mission of the NMBC (as taken from their website):

  • Present information, professional guidelines, knowledge, career direction and advice to our students about the music business and the entertainment industry so their inspiration dreams and destiny are put into focus and ultimately realized.
  • Provide entertainment executives and professionals who make the music world go ’round to teach the many facets of the entertainment industry and how they work together to create “show biz”.
  • Develop and maintain Nashville Music Business camp as an educational seminar to provide music career support through knowledge, education, organizations and networking.
  • Create new and inventive ways to promote, publicize, and market the artist, songwriter, musician and future music business executive in this competitive and ever changing world to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Registration is now open for this event taking place October 15-17.  You MUST check out this site if you want to get a leg up on the competition and be more than one step closer to understanding this industry.

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