Music Professionalism vs. Sunday Night's MTV VMA Awards

In Industry News, Life Around Me, Music on September 15, 2009 at 9:44 am

Music should not be about the winning or losing of awards.  It should not be about the making of money or stars.  Music should be the natural overflow of an artist’s heart.  It should be what they have to do or they will die.  I am a fundamentalist, an idealist I guess.  What happened two nights ago is the result of the goal and true beauty of music being lost or over-looked.

Awards are great, don’t get me wrong… one day, when my songs get cut and I get a BMI award, I will take it. Awards show a respect from the musical community and fans, and they continue people on to greatness.  But what happened Sunday night is so far from the roots of music.  A young girl gets up, heart racing to receive an award in a room mostly comprised of pop/hip-hop lovers, and she gets interrupted by a rude, outspoken, media hungry man.  I am sure she was nervous just to be up there and then this?  Taylor Swift is not a stranger to awards, don’t get me wrong.  But this will surely go down unfortunately as one of her most memorable acceptance speeches.

Kanye West was allegedly drinking cognac in the back and was over come and couldn’t control himself.  Maybe they should ban alcohol at the awards shows so performers like Beyonce and Taylor don’t have to be taken through the mud of his misjudgment.  People so easily forget where they came from – the days before the money and acclaim.  Days when they would have given anything just to be living the dream.  Beyonce showed a humble mentoring spirit when she honorably offered her moment in time to Taylor.

I previously had clips to support the story but they have been pulled down due to copyright infringement.

Was his apology enough?  Weigh in with comments below!

Bonus video: Spoof on Kanye and an Obama helath care address


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  1. Ooooo man I want to see the Kayne’s apology video but it says it not copyrighted for the country I am in…. boo America, lol no just kidding I love America. You are so right Debra awards are for respect to the community and from fans, not meant to for what happened a couple nights ago. Did you hear today that Obama called Kayne a jackass for what he did, crazyness!

  2. Great site Debbie! Im actually kind of jealous of your layout.

    Kanye knew what he was doing. His drama is to one end. Getting more recognition. It was a fantastic marketing thing to do. He will come out of this better not worse. I personally think thats not right but it’s the world we live in…

  3. Ya know it’s easy to be a bully when you think people will rally around along side you.. But it’s another thing all together when you stand alone!! His public apology was lame to say the least, I hope his effort on the phone with Taylor was pure, and without excuse… but I doubt it… Kanye will always be… well, Kanye!! I hope the outcry of his own music community was a wake-up call!!

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