Put A Little Sparkle In Your Life!

In Art, nashville, People that Rock, See this on September 16, 2009 at 8:40 am
One of Jillenes creations

One of Jillene's creations

As a starving artist here in Nashville you find creative ways to stay afloat.  When people like Brad Paisley or Faith Hill are interviewed you always hear the funny stories of how they sold knives, or painted houses and even walked dogs to make the ends meet.  I am certainly no exception to the rule.

For almost two months I signed up to be a direct marketer and sold t-shirts for money outside of major stores like Walmart and Kroger.  I was the person that made you think you came to that store for the stuff I had on my table.   Did I mention that I did this in the dead of winter and most of the time I had to stand outside for 6 hours on end??  I have also worked as the cashier in a little country store.  I made $7.00 an hour one night a week just to make some extra money.  The cool part of this was I got to work on the music night and watch bands come in to play to a packed room.

If you are lucky the side jobs you pick up to make ends meet actually help encourage your creative side or foster your musical experience.  My friend Jillene gets to do just that.  She moved here from Colorado, by way of California, Bankgok and London to pursue her career in country music.  To be a money making, full-time musician generally doesn’t happen overnight – people like Kellie Pickler and Carrie Underwood are an exception to the Nashville rule.  In Jillene’s case, while she works towards her big break she creates musical art.

This mandolin would be the perfect addition to any studio in Nashville!

She has a love for all things bejeweled and bedazzled.  She also has an obvious passion for singing and music.  Jillene combined these two sides of herself along with the ability to be crafty and started making Sparkle Art.  This art form was a result of her New Orleans trip just one year before Katrina hit.  She was celebrating Mardis Gras and was inspired by a picture she saw during her trip.

These works of art are tedious and extremely time consuming.  She starts by drawing the picture on a canvas and after many steps, ends by sealing the glitter with resin.  The resin really makes the colors in the glitter pop.  You can imagine, due to all the time it takes to dry – that this is not a quick process.  It takes a minimum of 4 days for her to complete just one.  Because of the various steps, she can usually juggle 3-4 pieces of art at a time.

Jillene told me she creates these works of sparkle art because she loves doing it and wants to share with others what she does and inspire creativity.  The end result is a rock star work of art!  These framed glitter masterpieces are perfect for studios, practice rooms, or even just a musically themed living space.  To check out more sparkle art and to purchase one for yourself or as a gift – check out her site – mysparkleart.com

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