Sweetest Gift

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The sweetest gift on this date in 1964 for Gwen and Jack Yearwood was the birth or their daughter Patricia Lynn.  Born in Georgia, Trisha Yearwood grew up in a farming community with deep southern roots.  She developed a love for country music from the likes of Hank Williams and groups like the Eagles rounded out her musical tastes.

Trisha came on the Nashville scene by transferring to Belmont University after a short stay at the University of Georgia.  This began her roots in Music City.  Her story is a lot like many musicians who make the early decision to try out their musical dream by first attending a college in town.

She made her vocal mark on the Music Row by singing demos and doing back ground vocals for cd projects.  The CD that got her established was Garth Brooks’ 1990 release of No Fences.  Her BGVs caught his attention and the rest is history.

Her self-titled debut cd came out in 1991.  From there she went on to record 9 more albums, marry Garth Brooks himself and now she even has a cookbook.  Talk about a journey.  This story is not unusual to this town.  A young girl that likes to sing moves here for college – what did she do right?  What made her stand out?

Studying at Belmont put her in the heart of the city.  Being this close to music row would position someone  to easily become a part of the network of vocalists and musicians in town.  She plugged herself in.  She didn’t wait to be discovered on a street corner.  She started singing the vocals, working, contributing to the musical community and when you are good – it is only a matter of time before some vocal on some no name project gets in the hand of a guitar player that knows a producer that is working on project for the label that Miranda Lambert is on.

That is how it works!  You have to show up.  You have to plug in.  You have to support the community.  You have to see the bigger vision of music and this town.  If you lock yourself up in your room, sing along to your musicals, and wonder why no one knows you can sing – then I feel sorry for you.

If you have a deep, pure, inherent passion for music, get up and do something about it.  Do things for free.  Sing vocals for friends when they are playing out.  Offer to work up a co-writers song for no cost.  At the beginning, when you are trying to establish yourself – you have to work it!  People who encourage others will never be sorry for it.  Even if it never benefits you musically, it will always be worth it in the end!  I am saying this as much for myself as I am for you.

Sometimes I fall asleep in suburbia.  I go to work and come home and go to bed and do it all over again.  I get stuck in a rut and wonder why I am so bored with life.  Then I have to realize why I came to this town.  I came here because I love music.  At the end of the day – it is the song in my heart that keeps me going.

I find hope in Trisha’s story.  She moved here, followed her heart and now she gets to do what she loves… I am sure back in her days of demo singing on others albums it was bitter sweet because she knew she had the talent herself.  But She never gave up – neither should you or I!
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