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singingI am going to suggest there are four major types of singers in town – songwriters who do a fine enough job getting their songs out, entertaining artists who do make their way through the bar scene, road/touring back ground vocalists, and finally the studio singer.  Many people end up being any combination of these.  With music it is rare to find someone who doesn’t make it a point to be well rounded.

If one thing is true it is that there is not a sure fire way to be heard in this town.  Singers end up dabbling in a few different areas or gigs until they find a groove and find that they are able to either make a living doing that thing or they begin to get noticed.   One market it is hard to break out in is the demo singing world.

There are a select few proud individuals that make their living singing demos.  They make close to or more than six figures.  They get to stay in town with their families, they don’t have to be a touring musician and they get to do what they love.  Any other business relies on a network of recommendations and reliable people.  But how do you get a break and get your vocals heard?

One website I have found to be helpful is DEMOsinger.com.  This website is dedicated to singers and the people who need their services.  It acts as a vocal directory or “yellow pages” of available talent.  To be listed on the site or search for vocalists all you have to do is sign up – that is free.

Inside one of the in-home studios I get to record vocals in

Studios come in all shapes and sizes, on Music Row or out of people's houses. Anywhere music is made is the right place for me!

Of course with any free service there are ways to enhance the features you are using.  DEMOsinger is committed to connecting talented, hard-working individuals and making the music happen.

Currently they are accepting nominations for demo singer of the year. To place your vote for me or any of your other favorite singers just e-mail a statement with your nomination to nominations@demosinger.com. They are accepting nominations until September 30, 2009!

Personally, I signed up for the bonus listing so I could list more tracks in more genres.  This site has been able to connect me with studio engineers, producers, and songwriters that I would have otherwise not been able to find on my own.  This is one directory you need to be a part of!

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