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video_cameraI know this is a blog primarily about music but you can’t write about music and not write about the enormous industry behind the songs.  From start to finish there are literally hundreds of people who play critical roles in even just getting one song on the radio. From the songwriter and publishing company to the record label and makeup artist and everyone in between, music is a business built on songs and the people who love them.  Songs end up on CDs, in concert tour schedules and as the feature of a music video.

Music videos help the fans get a visual representation of the feeling and story behind the song.  Look at what Thriller did for Michael Jackson or the world-wide spread replication of Beyonce‘s Put A Ring On It.  Television channels like MTV, VH1, BET, GAC and CMT started with the video in mind.  Although some of these channels have moved away from the video, as long as we have the internet, videos will be alive and well!.  With the advent of the internet we even have video genres of gaming and video blogging.  Think about it, without the music video, we would not have had one of the major pop stories of the year, Kanye and Taylor. That confrontation happened at the VMAs, VIDEO Music Awards.



Nashville of course has major players in the music video industry.  I have had the privilege of meeting one of the creative videographers of this town, Jarboe of Bell-Jarboe films.  Being that Jarboe is currently found a niche working with artists and other creative projects in Nashville, he had an interesting and unlikely start with the feature film industry working on low-budget, action/horror films.  After five years of working under Academy Award winning cinematographers and directors, Jarboe worked his way up to Director of Photography, with his first two music videos going to number one on CMT.

Jarboe was born in Wourtzburg, Germany. He began his journey to cinematography by being introduced to oil painting by the Polish abstract artist, Oko. After several years of painting and a few one man shows Jarboe stumbled into filmmaking and discovered painting and cinematography had much in common.  In 1991 Jarboe began working as a director of photography, his first three music videos were well received (2 #1’s and a MTV Buzz Clip).  Since then Jarboe has done the photography on several projects that have won awards from several international film festivals.  One of the feature films that Jarboe photographed, “100 Proof”, was exhibited at the 1997 Sundance Film Festival.  The rest is history!

Jarboe on setI first met Jarboe on Nashville Music Pros, a Nashville networking site aimed at  encouraging and connecting the creative minds of Music City.  After connecting with him I asked him if I could feature his talent and passion for producing and directing films.  I love meeting creative passionate people.  The visual art he does with video making is fantastic.  Here are a few links to some of his work:

This is just a sample of the Bell-Jarboe production list.  Their credits are too many to include in this short post.  They have worked with everyone from CMT to DC Talk to Don McLean.  They have successfully produced commercials and public service announcements, as well as short and feature films.  If you are in need of a music video as an artist, I recommend a meeting with Bell-Jarboe films, the quality is well worth your time!  You can find Bell-Jarboe Films any of the following places:

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