Calling All V.I.P.s

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Take 3 V.I.P, Nashville, TN

Take 3 V.I.P, Nashville, TN

Nashville is bursting with entrepreneurs.  Most people I meet are full of ideas and ambition.  With all of the drive and only twenty four hours in a day, sometimes you can’t get everything done.  It is always hard to be in two places at once!  Producers, songwriters, and artists have deadlines and submissions that need to be met to keep the ball rolling in their career.  Even though the creation of music is a free spirited venture, the business that gets your name and music out there is very real and very necessary.

Tim CarTim Pastor, one of the encouraging forces of Nashville, has created a new service to make life easier for all of us trying make the most of our time here.  Take 3 V.I.P is a concierge & courier, shuttle, personal assistance, and re-location service.  With his service, Tim can help you pick up last minute items at the store to help you get ready for a showcase or deliver important documents to your entertainment lawyer by the close of business day.  Tim has basically took his servant heart and made his passion into his livelihood.

This service is already up and running and getting rave reviews.  Tim’s vision is to make the business of making music and making things happen easier for the musicians and music industry.  Obviously, this service is not restricted to the music scene, check out the website for more specifics.  The service is reasonably priced and worth every penny.  Think about the deadlines that can be met when Tim helps you accomplish being in two places at once.  If you know anyone that could benefit from this service please contact Tim and make Take 3 V.I.P, your Music City go-to-guy when you are busy to go.

Take 3 V.I.P service contact information:



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