Life Without Limits

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No LimitsAnything worth doing warrants a great deal of sacrifice and ambition.  But when the task at hand relies on human ability and strength, people tend to lose heart.  We often see the negative or difficult aspects of our circumstances because we are human.  Our heart argues with our mind and ignores our gut and we are left paralyzed by the inner workings of our psyche.  Sometimes this requires us to look outside of our circumstances to see other people’s triumphs.  Acknowledging the accomplishments of others inspires us to carry on.

TAEdisonThomas Alva Edison says this, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.  The three great essentials to achieve anything worth while are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.”  Living through the turn of the twentieth century, Thomas Edison was an American inventor, scientist and businessman that never gave up.  He did not let obstacles like his deafness get in the way of his goals.  A man like this would no doubt be termed one of the most prolific inventors in all of history.

Someone once told me that the walls we encounter along our journey are meant to redirect the misguided or challenge the journeyman’s determination.  This challenge helps them realize their pure potential.  Sometimes the obstacles reveal our true intentions and help us to realize that our passion is falsely rooted in our current path.  Other times the walls help to rejuvenate us.  We learn new skills and climb right on over the circumstances.  When we get caught up in the doldrums of negativity and defeat, we may need new methods of tackling the problems at hand.  Other times we may just need a heart adjustment.

Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic

Like Edison, Nick Vujicic is a man of integrity and great passion both of which have helped him overcome adversity.  He was born without limbs.  He actually says in an interview that his mother asked the doctor to take him away.  This initial devastation was short lived as they fell in love with their first born child.

“I used to think that I needed my circumstance to change before I had any hope. I wanted to know that there was someone else out there in my position, to know that there is hope, that there is more than just the little box that I see in my life.”

Growing up in Australia, Nick was one of the first physically disabled students allowed into mainstream schools.  His rare disorder of Tetra-amelia left him limbless, missing both arms at shoulder level, and legless but with two small feet.  You can imagine the bullies in school and by the age of eight he was already contemplating suicide.  But with the help of God he was able to see his circumstances through an entirely different lens.  He began to give more priority to the people he was changing for the better rather than let the negativity win.  Now in his early twenties he travels the globe sharing his story and changing lives.

He is the founder of Life Without Limbs, a non-profit organization dedicated to reaching the hearts and inspiring the souls of the world!  Their mission states, “Because of Nick’s unique personal story, he is able to speak to groups of all kinds.  It gives him entree with both the young and old, impoverished, imprisoned, business people, children, young people, peoples of all races, those with disabilities and those without them.”  He is leaving a global legacy with his ministry and motivational speaking events.  Nick has chosen to look at the wall of his disability another way which enables him to successfully climb over it on a daily basis!

A few Nick Vujicic Videos:

Nick speaking at a school event (2:41)

Short Video with video of Nick and narrative (6:12)

Looking at his life makes wanting to give up after one bad day or even season of life seem like a foolish response to trials.  Whether you are starting a new business, struggling with a physical illness, or trying to live out your dream in Nashville you have a choice to look at your circumstances as immovable obstacles or the chance to grow a positive outlook.  Grouping all of these circumstances by no stretch of the imagination equates them.  Where the similarity lies is in our attitude and response.

To all of you musical, artistic dreamers… the choice is yours.

I pray you keep going and live a life without limits.

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