Grass Roots At Its Best: type3music

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Music has traditionally been categorized by titles like Country, Rock, Classical, Reggae, etc.  Before man tried to make sense of music by packaging it up into quaint little boxes and genres, it was the creative spark in the fingers of a pianist.  Music was an original mixture of notes that flowed angelically from the soul of a singer.  Notes that come out of smacking spoons and a fiddle on fire in the hills of a small mountain town do not play by the rules.  Music is the sound of feelings and the voice of the heart.  This type of original, no rule, raw creativity is the driving force behind grassroots music.

The term grassroots originated in the political realm as a way to explain what was happening in the communities outside of the traditional governing bodies.  If a movement was labeled “grassroots” it was natural, spontaneous, and had the support of the people.  Frances Maude says this about his community in the UK, “For the most part our grassroots members are serious, nice, tolerant people.”  Nowadays grassroots can refer to anything that comes from the people, like fashion, philosophy, and music.

When it comes to music, grassroots is where it all begins and organizations like type3music are there to make sure it stays alive and authentic.  type3music supports independent artists the following ways (1) promote the music of solely independent artists globally through a regionally focused print publication called (pro-vok) and other less traditional means to connect artists with their listeners (2) assist getting the music of these artists (physical or otherwise) into the hands of their devoted following in the most mutually beneficial way possible. This has led to the formulation of Breakout Records.

It is encouraging when I come across musician advocates.  Stay tuned for more grass-growing news from type3music.  You can connect with them on myspace and facebook, as well as their main site.  They would love to hear from you!
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