Attention = Trust = Fans = Career In Music

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Noise“Information overload” is not a new term.  The internet has brought the world to our finger tips.  We are bombarded with more facts than ever before.  Between e-mail, blogs, social networking, and online videos,  people are well informed.  You can imagine how “noisy” the internet is.  Compared to 500 or more cable channels on the television trying to produce content that is attractive, the internet offers a tsunami of options and opinions trying to engage the listener.

Therefore your biggest asset as a musician is to gain their attention.  Before the internet you could only gain the attention of the people that saw you at live concerts, heard you on the radio, or happened to catch you on television spots.  There was a wall between the consumer and you, the “product”.  Now, with the internet, people are not waiting for television, radio, or magazines to tell them what to listen to.  The music choice has been put back into the hands of the people.  Listeners are no longer passive participants in the musical process.

In Blog Marketing, Jeremy Wright says, “E-mail is where information goes to die.  Blogs are where information lives.”  Information lives in online places like blogs and other social networking sites because people interact with the source.  Individuals can give their opinion, share, buy, and promote information.  Instead of having a company work for you to find and develop listeners, your listeners are your company and now you can find them yourself.

MusicThis is a valuable concept to wrap your head around.  You just need to gain the attention of people on the internet.  But because there is an overabundance of music to hear, more than one person can hear in a lifetime, this is no small feat.  If you can get someone to pay attention to you then you are ahead of the game.  How does one accomplish this?

Interact with people, learn of them.  By communicating with the users on your blogs and websites you will know what they want to hear. You will know what issues they struggle with.  This insight will give you an advantage when creating music for the people.  Due to the fact that there is a surplus of music online, your music also needs to be more unique.  You ultimately need to write deeper lyrics and more interesting melodies as the listeners become more sophisticated.  They just went to the myspace of ten artists that sang about having a “good time.”  They don’t want to hear it on yours.  The songs you write need to say things in a new way.

You also need to show integrity, honesty, and humanity.  People want to relate to someone they like and would want to vouch for.  If you are out their having shallow conversations or tearing people and ideas down you will be looked over.  People are not stupid.  They want someone they can trust.  Attention equals trust which equals fans which equals a career in music.  Gaining someones attention will give your career in music forward momentum.

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