“Home Away From Home”

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Located on 8th Ave South, Douglas Corner Cafe has been a Nashville tradition since 1987.  Mervin Louque and Rick Martin had a vision to create a music venue for showcasing new singers and songwriters.  That vision became a reality and Nashville music listeners are thankful it did!  Douglas Corner remains one of the top in-town competitors to the Blue Bird.  As a recording engineer, Merv provides a great environment for the artists and songwriters that grace his stage.

Being a “music first” venue, Douglas Corner stresses the importance of respecting the musician and fosters a listening, reflective environment.  Dim lighting helps lower distractions and point the audience to the stage.  Great drinks and bar food help the listeners enjoy their time with the music and their friends.  The song is truly the featured artist of any night.  From songwriter rounds to open mic nights to showcases to local productions, Douglas Corner is a home away from home for many musicians and is a major player as a top music venue in Nashville.

With every good opinion comes a bad.  If you crawl through the opinion polls of the internet, a small group of misguided people have definitely turned their noses to Douglas Corner.  I suggest they give it another shot and see the big picture.  Most music venues in town are not about the fancy lighting, awesome food, and valet parking.  Successful music venues offer quality musical guests, a great listening environment, and they encourage the culture and community of the city.  Douglas Corner does all of those and then some.  Travel magazines and tourism publications got it right when they said Douglas Corner Cafe is a Nashville treasure.

Dylan Taylor, The Broussards

Dylan Taylor, The Broussards

I make this point to say check out venues for yourself.  Don’t let the opinions of others rob you of the history and importance of music venues like Douglas Corner.  The Douglas Corner Cafe is a respected Nashville treasure and will remain one for years to come!  Just last night I had the opportunity to open for Dylan Taylor and The Broussards.  Dylan is a rising songwriter in Nashville.  Her melodies are catchy and her lyrics are inventive.  She captivated the room with her music and her hair was the talk of the night!  Dylan has a publishing deal with Next Century Music and is always writing new music.  The Broussards are quickly gaining the attention of Nashville after their appearance on CMT’s show Can You Duet.  This brother sister team of Nicole and Jonathan are entertaining.  Their songs are original and you can tell by watching them that Nicole and Jonathan were born to sing and perform.  Nicole is the lead vocalist while Jonathan leads the way with his electric guitar.  If you have the chance to catch either group around town you would not be disappointed.

Whether you are a Douglas Corner Cafe regular or a newbie be sure to continue to come out and support the musical culture of Nashville.  This venue has seen the likes of Garth Brooks, Bonnie Raitt, and Bon Jovi just to name a few.  Who knows, your showcase there could be the start of your career and in ten years someone could be blogging about how you got your start on the stage of Douglas Corner.  See you guys there!
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