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Is Your Music Under Lock And Key??

Is Your Music Under Lock And Key??

For years the songs of music row have been under lock and key.  Publishing companies keep music personal and it is based on a “who you know/what have you done” network.  The chance of getting a cut in this close knit environment is next to impossible.  How does a songwriter without a publishing deal get their songs cut by the artists if they can’t tear down this wall?  Start your own publishing company.

Anyone can have a publishing company – name it, make a logo, and print up some letter head and you have yourself a publishing company.  Ok, so there is a little bit more than that to make it legal and official.  The point is you don’t need an established publishing company to pitch your songs and work up your demos.  Of course, major publishing companies are needed but at some point they too were just starting out.  You can work up the relationships and put your own money into the demos and you can get your songs cut.  This is obviously harder when we live in a business world based on money, networking, and who you know.

guitar headIf you are an artist looking for songs, you have to meet within business hours and review a writer’s catalog. At times, this is done in person and you can imagine how you would have to tread lightly over songs you obviously don’t care for.  You don’t want to hurt the writer’s feelings when they are sitting on the couch across from you.  Some publishers/writers let you take a sample of the lyrics and songs home with you.  This is nice because you can review the songs at your own leisure, in private and be allowed to have honest opinions.  Still, they wouldn’t send you off with a complete catalog and complete book of lyrics.

The fear of letting go and releasing your art, your hard work is huge.  You don’t know what people will do.  Will they scratch your name off the title, add theirs, and move on?  They could cut a song of yours and say you told them they could have it free of charge… well, didn’t you?  Ultimately, the act of getting a song cut relies on the physical and time restraints of writers and publishers.  What if you aren’t social, how do you break the ice with an artist to show them your song?  What if you live in Canada and have an awesome song that Green Day would cut, but because they do most of their recording in Los Angeles you will never get the chance to show them your songs… what do you do then?

open bookLet me suggest a 24-hour online catalog of your materials.  An “open book” internet publishing company.  This would allow anyone at any given moment to review all of your songs and pay for which ones they want to cut… they walk away with a cool song and you walk away with a full time income in the music publishing business.  Wait, I can’t suggest it, Bob Dellaposta has already done it!

MyThreeKidsMusic.com bypasses music row.  Bob skips the CD drop offs for publishers and takes the passive approach of “I hope they pick me” out of the songwriting game.  He is actively presenting his material at all hours of the day all over the world.  He has gotten TV, Film, and Artist cuts because he wears the heart of his music on his sleeve.  He makes a very distant world seem close and makes his music available to anyone who wants to cut it.  This active philosophy doesn’t wait for a record label, publishing company, or a producer to become his advocate.   With this type of approach he still has to get out and make appearances and network.  But he is not sitting at home waiting for a publishing deal.  He gave himself one.
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