New Name – Same Mission

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NMB-logoThe Nashville Music Buzz Blog (formerly known as the Nashville Music Muse Blog) is up and running.  You will notice nothing has changed except for the schnazzy new logo and the name of the blog itself.

I know what you are thinking, “Didn’t this blog just start a few weeks ago and you are already re-branding?”  Yes, it did.  But every now and then you get a rock in your shoe.  Sometimes that requires simply removing the rock.  Other times you change shoes altogether so as to avoid future rocks.  The new blog title is an attempt to clear up some misconceptions that have started to surface.

The original title said was it was about – Nashville, Music, and Muse (all things creatively inspirational).  The alliteration between music and muse was catchy, although when most people heard the name they thought it was “news”.  Still others thought the blog had to do with other Nashville websites including bars and bands.  Since the name of the blog was starting to stir up more confusion than understanding, it is onward and upward with the new name of Nashville Music Buzz.

When you read this blog, you will expect to:

  • learn about music industry trends
  • be introduced to up and coming artists
  • hear wisdom from veterans
  • read inspiring stories that encourage perseverance
  • be opened up to best practices for networking
  • learn tips for songwriting
  • brush up on local music venues
  • hear recaps of local music events
  • plus more!!!!

What if you are not in Nashville or into the music industry, is this blog for you?  There are a great deal of people that are able to take the broader messages in the posts to heart.  For example in the post “Life Without Limits”, you learn of a man with no arms and legs that is choosing to use his circumstances for good.  This post is an analogy for anyone endeavoring to succeed at what they are doing even when their circumstances are discouraging.  This blog is based off of the Nashville experience but the lessons learned here can apply to life in general.  The Nashville Music Buzz is ultimately here to encourage anyone trying to be extraordinary.

What others are saying:

“Well done Debra! Very ‘high level’. Thank you for sending this, I will follow.”

~ Scott Klarkowski, CA Photographer

“There isn’t a blog like yours out there.  You go girl!  Fresh for Nashville, Music Row, and the www!”

~ Preshias Harris, Nashville Writer, VP, Artist Accounts & Client Strategist

“Debra Gordon is a wonderfully talented singer and writer and a great example of the best kind of creative energy.”

~ Rob Simbeck, Nashville Writer

On behalf of the Nashville Music Buzz, thank you for taking the time to read and follow this blog.  If there is something you disagree with, share!  It is always good to start a discussion.  If there is something you love, share!  Encouragement and agreement are always welcome.  Also, in the world of social media and “sharing” things you like, it is always helpful when you spread the word.   If you like what you are reading, pay it forward friends.  For now, the Nashville Music Buzz Blog is going to keep on buzzing away right here in Music City.
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  1. Debra, I’ve set the new URL so that I can keep following your blog. The content is fabulous and I love the new logo! Keep up the great work!

    • thanks for checking out the new post Tara. I hope you keep coming back for more 🙂

  2. Well…Debra…you should have thought of the work BUZZ before…since your name is Debra and your name means bee… : )

    • I know… what WAS I thinking with the word muse… BUZZ is so much more fitting of ME 🙂

  3. Debra Great job and very helpful info even for some of us that are always on the run…Keep up the good work and always a pleasure to share the stage with you. Gracias amiga!!!

    • thanks for taking the time to comment Billy, it means a lot to know people are reading this and it is making a difference! Thank you for your commitment to drums, music and Nashville!

  4. Your enthusiasm is contagious… I love that you spread your passion thru every possible means!!! When I got my fortune cookie that read ‘Bide your time, for success is near!’ I think it was you… it should’ve read ‘for Debra is near’ and she is gonna bust loose like a pinata at a 5th grade birthday party!!! YOU ROCK GIRL!!!

    • wow Charlotte, I am flattered! thank you for the kind words. I hope to reach many people with this blog and with my music 🙂

  5. Looks great, Debra!!

  6. Great job! I love it!

    • thanks for reading and commenting Jen – it means a lot to have your support. Hope you come back to read again 🙂

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