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cma awardsIn honor of the CMA Awards, this Wednesday at 8:00pm (7:00pm CST), here is a little history (taken from the CMA awards about page):

Any mention of the CMA Awards elicits the question, “How are the winners chosen?”  The answer to that query does much to explain why the CMA Awards are so highly regarded and coveted by the recipients.

CMA award winners are chosen in voting by industry professional members of the Country Music Association.  Thus, award winners are honored by their peers in the music industry.  The staff of CMA does not participate in the voting process.

The awards criteria, rules of election and balloting procedures are established by CMA’s Board of Directors.  Singles, albums, music videos, and qualifying products for the musical event must have been first released during the eligibility period.  The election is conducted in three rounds as follows:

  1. Each CMA member may nominate one act in each category on the first ballot.  The top 20 qualified vote recipients that receive at least 10 votes in each category will become an official nominee and will then be submitted to the entire CMA membership on the second ballot.
  2. On the second, ballot CMA members must vote for up to five nominees in each category.  The results are tabulated, and the five receiving the most votes in each category are listed as finalists on the third ballot.
  3. On the final ballot, members vote for one in each category to determine the winners.

You may or may not be a member of the Country Music Association, so here is your chance to vote.  Let’s see how the readers of the Nashville Music Buzz stack up against the actual votes on Wednesday night.  This should be interesting!

Here’s a complete list of the nominees for the 2009 CMA Awards:

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