Cryin For Me

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Tisdale_keithWith Thanksgiving right around the corner, people begin to take stock in their life.  This season encourages us to be thankful for the people and circumstances of our life.  This gratitude often yields feelings of joy and satisfaction.  However, the harsh duplicity of holidays seasons it that it also enables a time of reflection in which we remember loved ones that are no longer in our life or have passed on from this world onto the next.  This is where the holiday season can begin to be less merry and reflection can bring us down. 

wayman_tisdaleMusic offers an unbiased voice that gifts us with melodies and lyrics that say what we can’t say; either because we can’t get the words out or we can’t even put into words what we are feeling.  A car ride with a good song or a Saturday night alone with our music can give us personal time to release these emotions and express feelings; somewhat cleansing our emotional palette.  Songs like Toby Keith’s Cryin’ For Me give us the freedom to face emotions we may keep hidden or locked up.  This weekend GAC TV aired the video for this song, in honor of Toby’s late friend, Wayman Tisdale.  Toby chose to recognize this loss in a musical way and share it with the world.  This type of vulnerability connects with the listener in an undescribable way.  The general hearer of the song doesn’t know Toby and they certainly were not privy to the friendship that he had with Wayman, but this video allows the listener a four-minute pass into the joys and pains of their relationship and the devastating loss.

The fact that music can do this is bewildering.   A well written song reaches across geographical, relational, and emotional boundaries.  The honesty in this particular song connects with the listener.  Here are the lyrics to the song.  The line that gets me every time is pretty close to the beginning, “You showed me how I’m supposed to live, now you showed me how to die.”  Friends and loved ones are in our life to share life’s ups and downs.  The interactions with these people also provide circumstances for lessons to be taught about how to handle what life throws our way.  The fact that Toby can’t share this last lesson with a friend really cuts deeply.  When you get a chance – watch the video.  Be thankful for the loved ones you have in your life right now and take a few minutes to dance with the memories of loved ones no longer with us.

Cryin’ For Me

Got the news on Friday morning
But a tear I couldn’t find
You showed me how I’m supposed to live
And now you showed me how to die
I was lost ’til Sunday morning
I woke up to face my fear
While writing you this good-bye song I found a tear

I’m going to miss that smile
I’m going to miss you my friend
Even though it hurts the way it ended up
I’d do it all again

So play it sweet in heaven
Cause that’s right where you want to be
I’m not cryin’ cause I feel so sorry for you
I am cryin’ for me

I got up and dialed your number
And your voice came on the line
With that old familiar message
I ‘d heard a thousand times
It just said, sorry that I missed you
Leave a message and God bless
I know you think I am crazy
But I had to hear your voice I guess


So play your upside-down, left-handed
Backward bass guitar
And I’ll see you on the other side, superstar


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  1. Wayman is a native Tulsan, in every facet of his life, just like every hometown hero, we have always been intensely proud of him… and were just as deeply crushed when he passed… we knew of his battle with cancer, but publicly did not know that it had become active again, so when he passed it was quite sudden and shocking, after all he was only 44 years old… but cancer is no respecter of young or old… or Heros!!
    Another song written for one who has passed is ‘What Hurts The Most’ recorded by Rascal Flatts, written by Jeffrey Steele for his 13 year old son… Alex Levasseur, who was thrown from an all-terrain vehicle and killed in Jan. 2007…
    I’m thankful that they were able to use music as an outlet for their grief…
    God bless them all..

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