Naughty or Nice: Which List Are You On?

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Most people grow up with a fear of being naughty.   This might stem from a strict religious upbringing, school experiences, or even more timely – the Christmas season.  Parents warn their children that bad behavior will warrant a lump of coal in their stocking and a spot on the naughty list.  The better behaved you are, the more presents you will get.  Now, we know this isn’t exactly the case.  But somewhere deep inside of us we steer clear of negative, selfish behavior during the Christmas season just in case it is true.

Dictionary.com defines “naughty” as disobedient, mischievous, improper, tasteless, indecorous, or indecent.  Since we are all human, these adjectives are hard to avoid on a daily basis let alone the entire Christmas season.  “Nice” on the other hand means pleasing, agreeable, delightful, amiably pleasant, and kind.  In our heart of hearts we want to be all of these but impatience, selfishness, and pride tend to get in the way.  So where do we stand?

I went to KrisKringle.com to find out what I was getting this year; to see if I made the naughty or nice list!  All I had to do was enter my first and last name, zip code and the number in my street address to determine how I measured up this year.  I am hoping that didn’t put me on every database in the world or that an oddly shaped brown wrapped package will not appear on my front door step.  (Seeing as I did not enter a street name, I think it will turn out alright!)  After 3 seconds a screen popped up with a certificate that said I was… drum roll please… Very Nice!

“According to Santa’s list, you were ‘very nice’ this year.  Santa has something very special for you on Christmas.  Keep up the good work,” says the official “very nice” certificate.  No coal for me this year.  This not so scientific method contradicts the lyrics to this year’s breakout Christmas (soon to be) classic song – “Santa I’ve Been Naughty,”  written by Frank Michels and Rob Simbeck.  In this song I beg Santa to let me keep my presents and I even tell Santa he is kinda cute!  Click these links to listen…

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  1. I hope I’m on Santa’s “nice” list this year! HAHA! Great song! It’ll easily become one of my favorite Christmas tunes 🙂 I really like what you did with the vocals. Also, love the video you made! Thanks for sharing!!!

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