Time’s Not Afraid To Fly

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“Sometimes I feel that life is passing me by, not slowly either, but with ropes of steam and spark-spattered wheels and a hoarse roar of power or terror.  It’s passing, yet I’m the one who’s doing all the moving,” Martin Amis, Money. Martin’s featured character/narrator in his 1984 novel gets it right as he ponders the frightening pace of life rolling right on by.  Time rarely seems to stand still long enough for us to figure out which moves more rapidly – the hands of Father Time or the feet with which we walk in and out of the shadows of sunrises and sunsets.

Time’s not afraid to fly.  Life doesn’t wait for us to give it the green light… for it to progress onto a new chapter or season.  It is not a respecter of persons.  It cares not if we are enamored with our lives or in disgust; it stops for no one. The idiom, how time flies, comes from the more widely used phrase, “Time flies when you are having fun.” Based on Martin’s quote at the beginning of this entry, it  seems as though we are not always having fun when time seems to bowl us over.

2010 is upon us and 2009 has come and gone –  what did time steal from you?  What did you let time take? Don’t worry – it isn’t all time’s fault.  We can get caught up in our own troubles or denial, obsessive jobs or even healthy habits.  We focus for what we think is a short amount of time; the next thing you know – you look up and it is May.  Four months have been lost and you are still where you were on New Year’s Day.  Did youth wave goodbye last year or good health dwindle just a little?  Maybe a lack of priorities left your family and loved ones at the bottom of your grand list of “to-dos.”  You will never be able to take stock in your life if you don’t set aside the ever illusive TIME to figure it out.

Take 15 or 30 minutes; or go crazy and use a whole hour to think about last year.  What circumstances or events bring a smile to your face?  What activities or people were the most fulfilling?  Are you where thought you would be one year later?  Surely there are other questions or concerns you will raise that are of a personal nature – think of those as well.  Knowing that time moves rather quickly when we aren’t paying attention – you might want to conduct this little self-inventory session sooner than later.  Come back tomorrow to look at Time’s Not Afraid to Fly from another angle.

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