Sara Evans: The New Author

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On the evening of January 11, 2010, multi-platinum recording artist  Sara Evans made her debut appearance as an author at Davis-Kidd Booksellers in Nashville, TN.  Sara took the stage as the seats were filled with fans ready to hear about this next chapter in her life.  Local newspapers and TV channels were there eager to capture the event.  She expressed her nervousness to speak on microphone.  She jokingly asked the crowd if she could sing her way through the events of the night.  Voices amongst the people could be heard agreeing with her need to sing instead of speak.  She quickly agreed speak instead of sing and the night was off.

The first part of the evening was the book, The Sweet By and By.  Co-authored by Sara and Rachel Hauck, this story takes place in the South and features a strong female lead character.  Sara explained that when she finally decided to move forward with this book venture that she had to write about something she could relate to or at least enjoy.  She quickly realized all her favorite books or movies were set in the South and had strong female lead characters – Fried Green Tomatoes, Steel Magnolias, Gone With the Wind, Hope Floats, etc…  That seemed like a real fine place to start.

Thomas Nelson book publishers approached Sara shortly after her dance card was full from Dancing With The Stars.  Her first reaction was no, I write songs, not books.  “Songs are compact… about 25-30 lines that capture a moment in time.  Add that to a good melody and the song is finished.  Books are endless, the options are endless,” expressed Sara.  Even though she saw it as a challenge, she realized with such a good co-writer in Rachel Hauck, this “book thing” could actually happen.

Not only did it happen, but The Sweet By and By is the first of a four novel series.  Books one and two are finished and 3 and 4 are on the horizon.  This first book is now available for purchase.  Evans said this novel is not an autobiography, but it has been dubbed “inspirational fiction.”  Come back tomorrow to read more about the book, reviews, and how Sara Evans’ Nashville book launch ended.
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