Sara Evans: From Farms to Fans to Fiction

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Last week it was announced that Sara Evans is a new author.  The Sweet By and By was the highlight of her Nashville book signing!  Along with talking about the book and reading an excerpt, the crowd was eager to hear about Sara Evans – the singer and newlywed.  After the book reading there was a Q&A period where the guests of the book launch party were able to ask their questions.

On the horizon, Sara announced that her newest CD should be ready to go late winter, early Spring.  She has been busy writing all of the songs for the project… and wants to make sure the selection of songs accurately reflects her heart and what she wants the project to be about.  The last few years has been crazy for her to say the least.  Between being featured on Dancing with the Stars, to marrying former University of Alabama quarterback Jay Barker, blending the two families, and settling in to their home in Birmingham… Sara has had her hands full.  Add to that trying to creatively write songs for an album and these novels, she is definitely staying busy.

At one point during the questioning, Sara expressed that she knew she would be a singer from the age of four years old.  She got her chops singing with her family and church and when she was just nineteen years old, Sara set out for Nashville.  The decision to come to Music City wasn’t cut and dry, she needed a little convincing.  She had gotten a full music scholarship to a local university and hated it.  “Like a snob, I thought I knew everything about music, what could a structured college experience teach me,” Sara laughingly told the crowd.

Sara and her husband, Jay Barker

Her brother came to visit her around day 11 of freshman year and she remembers sitting outside with him, crying about how much she hated it there.  He told her to quit.  Could it be that easy??  She didn’t have to take too long to decide to go with her big brother’s advice.  Although she happily decided to chase her dreams, this choice to drop out of college didn’t make her mother too happy, partly because she owed the college $400 for her 11 day stint there.

The crowd was pleased as pie to hear Sara sing live.  Her comfort level went through the roof when it came to the song.  Feeling a little under the weather, she only blessed the crowd with one song – Real Fine Place To Start.  Although the song is about love, the title seems to say it all when talking about 2010 and Sara Evans.  Having hit records, children, marriage and dancing behind her, the new title of author is a “real fine place to start” the new year.
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  1. she sounds like a very talented young lady….

    • yes, yes she does! It was fun to meet her and thank her for her contribution to country music, Nashville, and dreamers like me!

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