It’s Time You Meet The Real Jeremy Parsons

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Before Christmas I had the chance to sit down with Jeremy Parsons and figure out if the classic shirts and black hat was for real.  Many people come to town in ripped jeans and old t-shirts. After being discovered, the first thing they undergo is the “cowboy” make-over.  People feel like they have to fit in to some mold of what Country music is all about.  It wasn’t too far into the interview I learned that Jeremy is the real deal and he was born to sing – you can’t fake this kind of Country!

Growing up in Texas, he was influenced by the traditional sounds of Hank Williams, Sr. Jean Sheppard, George Strait and Johnny Horton.  “Front row and center at a George Strait Concert, little four year old Jeremy Parsons exhibited an extraordinary love of traditional country music.  He knew all the words to every one of George Strait’s songs and did not mind singing them out loud during the whole entire concert.  While Jeremy stood in his seat with his cowboy attire on from head to toe, he had already “stolen” the spotlight from his idol.” (read full bio)

As Jeremy transitioned from being a fan to a contributor, he began to feature his throw-back stylings in the music venues of Texas.  His warm local reception allowed Jeremy to gain his stage legs as a performer.  He could have easily gotten up and fronted a classic Country cover band but he would have denied his own musical voice.  As a songwriter – Jeremy is able to creatively convey his vintage sound.  He generally prefers to write by himself.  So far this preference has paid off.  Not long into in Music City, he was able to meet the Grascals and they decided to cut “Out Comes The Sun”.  Not bad considering the Grascals are already among the most beloved and acclaimed of contemporary bluegrass groups.

I asked Jeremy what three words would he use to describe himself.  One of the words should have been humble.  He had a difficult time talking about himself.  He would rather stick to music and not waste time building himself up.  The three words he was able to decide on were Funny, Honest, and Traditional. Not surprisingly, all of those characteristics permeate his life and live out in his songs.  There is no denying the purity of Jeremy Parsons.

His debut album just hit the shelves.  You can even see his current advertisements running on RFDTV promoting this hit CD.  Doggondest Feelin’ is available on itunes and samples can be heard on his various sites:

Official page * Myspace * Facebook

Reverb Nation * Digital Rodeo * YouTube

Jeremy has had the support of Nashville Community including an endorsement by Little Jimmy Dickens.  Jeremy had the unexpected honor to play a song for Jimmy back stage at the Opry when he was a guest of the Grascals.  Even though Jeremy was speechless, he sang his heart out and Jimmy leaned over to a fellow on-looker and said, “This kid is going to be a hit.”  I don’t know about you, but if someone like Little Jimmy Dickens thinks Jeremy is going to shine like a star – you may want to start shining a little light his way and getting to know Jeremy Parsons yourself – you won’t be disappointed!

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