Today, Tomorrow and Forever

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With Valentine’s Day now just two weeks away, what better time than this to pull out a love song.  Traditionally this holiday is set apart from the other 364 days of the year to reflect on a relationship and honor the love shared between two individuals.  This love could date back 70 years or just 70 days.  For girls celebrating one of their first Valentine’s Days, it could even be the day he pops the question.  The Diamond Information Center published that approximately 10% of all marriage proposals happen on Valentine’s Day.

Even though they don’t all get engaged on this holiday, the 2006 Census Bureau estimates that 2.2 million couples get hitched each year.  That calls for quite a bit of decisions to be made.  Brides and grooms “to-be” register at online wedding planning sites or meet with personal professionals to help guide them through the woods of planning these monumental occasions.  Wedding planners make big bucks deciding on everything from flowers, to seating arrangements, church selection and even songs.

They know that music is an important part of the ceremony and the reception.  At a reception you can hear everything from party music made for dancing the night away to songs that will make a grown man cry while dancing with his daughter.  Some of the more popular songs associated with receptions are Etta James’ “At Last,” Tim McGraw’s “My Best Friend,” and Sinatra’s “It Had To Be You.”  Music heard after the ceremony is really wide open and varies greatly depending on the musical taste of the couple.  This is not the case for the musical selections in the ceremony itself.

Sites like OurWedding.com catalog popular songs used in the actual ceremony of the wedding.  They have about 10 pages of songs that could be used.  In the grand scheme of musical history – that is not a lot to choose from.  Couples always want their ceremony to be unique – this is hard to do when the songs just aren’t there to make a selection.  The song “Today, Tomorrow, and Forever” is a melodic blessing written for a friend’s wedding.  It stresses the important truths that anyone would pray for a couple start starting out on the long winding road of wedded bliss.  Give it a listen and from now until Valentine’s Day you can download it for free at ilike.com.

This Valentine’s Day, whether you are going to pop the question or are celebrating years of romance – this song can remind everyone to cherish the one you love.

For you see, each day I love you more
Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

~ Rosemonde Gerard

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  1. Oh Debra ~ Sorry it took me so long to stop and listen. I miss hearing you sing on Sundays and you just get better and better.
    I think this is my favorite, but I say that everyone I hear you sing.
    YOU GO GIRL!!!

  2. You just blow me away…Your voice is like that of angel. You sing with so effortlessly. Keep in touch.
    Love ya,

    • Thank you for your compliments Judy… I hope you are well, I tired to call the other day with no reply. Let me know if you need to talk. Share this Free download with your friends 🙂

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