Q&A With Paul King (part 1)

In Music Business, nashville on February 6, 2010 at 6:00 am

Here is a Q&A with Paul; meet the man behind the Hype! madness…

NMB: Why did you start this venture?

PK: I never had a believer.  That’s it.  I never really had someone to totally and completely believe in me.  I’ve written with Grammy winners, and Dove Award winners, and grew up practically living in Eddy Raven‘s house – but not one person would step out and put it on the line for me.  I wanted to help others in ways I could never get myself.  I continually try and prove my worth to the artists I work with by getting the best deals and the best opportunities I can get them… because no one would ever do it for me.

For the first 3 years I never made a dime.  In fact, no one even offered to pay me for my time or my services.  I just did what I did because I felt like that by not being paid I could be completely unbiased and a total believer in the artist.  I wasn’t colored by money.  Eventually Stormy came and said, “Look, I recognize that you’re spending your personal time and efforts on my behalf and I think you need to be paid for what you do.  I mean, I pay for the studio, I pay for the musicians, I pay to press the cd’s, I pay for the rentals, I pay for travel, I pay for the video, I pay for everything else! – so why aren’t I paying you when you work harder and longer than all of these people combined?  Your job never ends!  At least when I pay a studio musician they play their 8 hours and go home.”  So she started paying me and convinced me that it was time to ‘go legit’ as she put it.  And she was right.  I work with a very select group of artists, those that I absolutely and completely believe in, know I can help, and know I’m not damaging my reputation by working with.  It was just time to start making a little something for all my hard work and efforts.

Paul posing with one of his artists - Laura Fedor

NMB: Who runs it?

PK: I do. When I operated Nashville Hype! as a blog I had an assistant named Cathryn Miller-Gipson and she was fantastic.  She was my red carpet reporter and what made her so much fun was, she’d never been placed around ‘celebrities’ before, where as I had pretty much grown up with them always.  She wrote stories that really appealed to the ‘outside’ audience – meaning those outside of Nashville – and her articles always did really well because her perspective was from how she was feeling and what she was going through.  People loved it.  My perspective was always Nashville, and so I always wrote specifically with the labels and publishers in town.  I had an agenda and I didn’t make any bones about it, the blog wasn’t written for the pubic, it was written for the insiders.  What’s funny about that is, the blog, almost from the day it went live, was the largest blog in all of town for entertainment it seemed.  Averaging over 30,000 page views a month!  For a little old blog with an extremely narrow focus it was simply amazing because apparently, people didn’t care who it was written for, they cared about the content and they came to see what I had to say.  http://www.nashvillehype.wordpress.com is still live with those old articles and I’m still amazed at how many page views it still receives, despite the fact that I primarily only write about the artists on my roster.

NMB: How long have you been going?

PK: Nashville Hype! the blog was started in 2006 with the idea I could find and help new and emerging artists who I felt were right for Nashville.  Nashville has it’s own sets of rules and though someone may be talented, they may not have what it takes to ‘make it’ in this town.  From my 20+ years experience, having grown up in the music industry, I felt confident that I knew what they wanted and were looking for.  Thankfully, I’ve been right more than wrong.

Late last year I transitioned from simply a music blog to a full service PR, Publicity, and Development firm.  I now have a select group of artists that I work with to promote, and thankfully, things have been going exceptionally well.

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