The Truth

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Jason Aldean’s song, The Truth, has climbed the charts and taken over the number one spot.  This isn’t Jason‘s first trip to the #1 rodeo – he has seen the view from the top with these songs – Why (Jason Aldean), She’s Country (Wide Open), and Big Green Tractor (Wide Open). Since earning his title of “Top New Male Vocalist” at the 2006 Academy of Country Music Awards, Jason has successfully toured, released projects, and earned #1 hit singles.  What is this Broken Bow recording artist doing right??

To gain some insight, let’s hear how he describes his third album – Wide Open.  “As the title implies, Wide Open celebrates the unlimited opportunities life offers, while recognizing the all-too-familiar speed bumps along the way… ‘Wide Open is the only way I know how to live,’ explains Aldean.  ‘I don’t do anything half-ass, and you never have to guess on where I stand on things.  I’m pretty much an open book.  I understand there may be hitches along the way, but if I’m in, I’m in no matter what.'”

With this mindset, Jason will tenaciously hold on to his position in the country music kingdom.  Both traits – having a winning attitude and showing insight when selecting songs – have taken Jason down the successful road in the music business.  We all know songs can make or break albums, tours, and music careers in general.  Here is a little background on The Truth as reported by The Boot

I [Brett James] started writing with Ashley [Monroe] when she was 15 years old.  She’s one of my favorite singer-songwriters in the world.  I knew she was really special when I first met her.  The world doesn’t know what a great artist she is just yet.  She’s really gifted.

We had the title ‘The Truth’ when we sat down to write.  We started talking about what to do to make people interested in finding out what “the truth” meant.  We created this character who would rather not talk about the truth, but the opposite of the truth instead.  We all have that amount of pride deep down of trying to not let the world know that we’re heart broken.  The song came effortlessly for us.  It was an easy write.

Jason heard ‘The Truth’ through his producer, Michael Knox.  It went on hold for Jason this time last year.  It’s been a great thing.  It’s not the kind of song you expect to be a single off an album.  Jason’s been so hot that when ‘The Truth’ came out as a single, I told my friend “I think this will be a slow one because it’s not your typical song that slides up quickly to No. 1.”  Thank God I was wrong!  Shows how much I know!  It’s been a really fun one to watch.  I’m really proud of it.

Congratulations Jason on your 4th #1 song – The Truth. Can’t wait to see what else your future holds – maybe more nominations and wins for you during the country music awards season.  Watch the video now, just click play!

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