Don’t Forget to Lock the Medicine Cabinets: Facebook Privacy 101

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Whether you are a Facebook veteran or your six-year-old just signed you up for an account, this social network is an ever evolving entity, always offering new features to understand and control. Here are 10 basic tips for you to protect your on-line party and help you pass Facebook Privacy 101.

When throwing a party, the guest list is of major importance. Whether you are celebrating the start of a new year with 100 of your closest friends or inviting 20 toddlers to your back yard to climb on a dinosaur – the guest list matters. You wouldn’t invite Old Man Harper from down the street to romp around with the children and you may not enjoy it if your parents crashed your rave of a New Year’s Eve bash. Facebook is a lot like these parties. You can control the guest list, the events, what they see, and where they get to go; you are the party planner.

At every party though there are people who sneak off and hunt through the medicine cabinet and peep in the bedroom when you are getting the dessert ready. Guess what, they are snooping on Facebook too.  Just because you sat behind them in fourth grade doesn’t mean you can trust them.  You weren’t aware they thumbed through your diary during their brief visit to your house and you have no idea what could interest them while visiting your profile.

Facebook’s integrated way to exhibit links, poems, videos, music, and pictures is unprecedented. As this on-line community progresses and adds more features, the users need to have a better awareness of their account and how they can protect their on-line “party.” Here are a few basic tips that fall under Facebook Privacy 101:

1. Information posted on the Internet lasts FOREVER. If you don’t want someone to see it, don’t post it.  Simple sure, but some people don’t give enough thought to what they are posting.

2. You don’t HAVE to friend everyone; there you go – I saved you 5 months of therapy helping you realize you don’t have to be a people pleaser.  Just click IGNORE if you don’t want the guy that works three offices behind you and stares at you while you get your afternoon coffee to be in your Facebook community.  He’ll get over it.

3. Grouping BASICS: Divide your friends into 2 major groups – Friends and Limited; when you accept or initiate the request; learn to automatically add them to these lists.

4. The FRIENDS group can have access to everything; and the LIMITED, well, you can adjust your settings to where they can see the albums “left out on the table” but not the ones you intended for family only! Groups can become more complicated and with every group you can allow different levels of access – but if this is the first time you are hearing of groups, stick to two.

Come back for Tips 5-10

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