Top 10 Pop Love Songs of ALL TIME… (Part 1)

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Ok guys… we all have favorite songs that come to mind when we think of our first date, first kiss, first dance, etc… is your song on this list?  Do you agree with this TOP 10 I found or does this list seem out of date?  Leave your comments below – let’s get a musical discussion going!!

1. “Something” – The Beatles, Abbey Road (1969)

Written by: George Harrison

During the 1968 recording sessions for The Beatles (also referred to as the White Album), Harrison began working on a song that eventually became known as “Something”.  The song’s first lyrics (“Something in the way she moves/Attracts me like no other lover”) were adapted from an unrelated song by fellow Apple artist James Taylor called “Something In The Way She Moves” and used as filler while the melody was being developed.

2. “Your Song” – Elton John, Elton John (1970)

Written by: Bernie Taupin; (composed by Elton John)

The song was part of a stockpile of songs John and Taupin wrote in 1969 while living together.  John pinpoints his composition of the music to October 27.  Supposedly, it took him only ten minutes.  Taupin had penned the lyrics earlier that day over breakfast.  John cites the song as one of his favorites, and plays it at many of his concerts.  In an interview, he commented that “[he doesn’t] think [he has] written a love song as good since”.

3. “Maybe I’m Amazed” – Paul McCartney, McCartney (1977)

Written by: Paul McCartney

McCartney wrote the song in 1969, just before the Beatles’ breakup.  He credited his wife Linda with helping him get through the difficult time.  This is one of the five known songs that he wrote for her.  Regarded as one of McCartney’s finest love songs, it achieved the #338 position in the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list compiled by Rolling Stone magazine in November 2004, and is the only solo McCartney song to make the list.

Songs 4-7 Songs 8-10

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