Don’t Forget to Lock the Medicine Cabinets (Part 2)

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Be sure to read Part 1 of Facebook Privacy 101 to get all the tips.  Here is a portion of part 1’s opening thoughts…

Facebook’s integrated way to exhibit links, poems, videos, music, and pictures is unprecedented. As this on-line community progresses and adds more features, the users need to have a better awareness of their account and how they can protect their on-line “party.” Here are a few basic tips that fall under Facebook Privacy 101:

5. Familiarize yourself with the Privacy Settings page (located as a sub page of Settings) and know the difference between Profile Information settings (what people will learn about you) and Contact Information settings (how someone can reach you).  We live in a “customized” world and Facebook is no exception.  With every feature comes a list of settings.  You will be in here for a while, but the time spent is well worth it!

6. Think twice about what photographs you post. Let’s imagine you accepted Bill’s friend request even though he is friends with some people that tried to ruin your reputation. You decide Bill is harmless so you let him see your questionable photos from your all-night birthday party. When Bill is scrolling through your photos and comes to the most embarrassing one, he could right click on it, select “view image”, and it will pull up an independent web-page with just that photo. Bill could easily copy that web address and forward it on to his friends, even his Aunt Linda in Idaho. So the pictures you thought only 200 people could see could potentially be viewed by anyone once that link gets copied and distributed on the Internet.

Even after going to great lengths, what you put out on the internet is there forever and for anyone to see

7. Every time you POST a note, video, or photo album, you can adjust who is allowed to see that specific thing. You can choose between Everyone (that means on Facebook), Friends of Friends, or Only Friends. Now of course, like the English language, there are exceptions to every rule and you can edit the Custom settings accordingly.

8. The Facebook Chat feature instantly allows you to keep up with friends.  But you also may want to be invisible while browsing Facebook so your child’s teacher doesn’t corner you to chat about his or her grades – awkward. Just click chat, select options, and choose Go Offline to begin your covert session.  But remember, as soon as you begin to have activity, Facebook date-stamps your actions.

9. To keep a professional front, you may choose to Block people with the Block List feature of the Privacy page. This might not stop all the persistent stalkers.  Take for example that ex-girlfriend – she is going to find a way to get to your information (through a friend of a friend perhaps) when she hears you got married; she will want to check out her replacement.

10. As Facebook enhances its capabilities, the features may change and you may need new settings. Get used to the privacy page.

Try a few of these tips and over all, give a little more thought to what you put out there and who can see it. It’s your party, and although you can cry if you want to, there really is no need.

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