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The 2010 Country Radio Seminar is off and running.  Last night, after a day of interviews, showcases, and industry discussions, the attendees of the seminar made their way to CRS After Hours at The Bridge.  After hours, The Bridge becomes more than a 4th floor glass structure connecting the hotel and public parking garage.  It is in this bar/lounge that industry veterans, hopefuls and wannabes stand on their musical clouds of wishful thinking and dream of what life would be life if we could all have a full time career in the music business that featured longevity, integrity, and some really good music; and yes – money!

Charlotte Autry catches up with an old friend Will Champlin.

As you make your way through the room, you can hear or join discussions about CD release dates, radio tours, and industry trends.  While some get technical and focus on the business, others make this a “music industry family reunion” that they anticipate all year long! They skip the music banter and get right to swapping stories of their year and catch up on life in general.

For those of you in Nashville still trying to figure out who the decision makers are – come on out.  Depending on where you look in the wall to wall crowd you can see Lyric Street President Randy Goodman, formerly a general manager for RCA Records, the new media strategist for Bon Jovi, or even local radio program directors like Keith Kaufman of country radio station WSIX.  Even Marty Raybon, from the group Shenandoah, was working the room getting back out there to promote a new solo project. (see more details at Grand Vista Music)

Marty made his way down to surprise the crowd of the Rascal Flatts 10th Anniversary Radio Party, hosted by Lyric Street Records, and honored the crowd with a number of duets.  In an intimate, radio-centered party, Rascal Flatts took the stage to celebrate their first decade of hits and publicly thank radio for all the ads, spins, and radio tours through out the years.  You can tell Joe Don, Gary, and Jay are eternally grateful for the acceptance of the radio industry.  Aside from taking requests from the crowd in their radio tour reminiscent acoustic set, they awarded special edition, 10 Year Anniversary electric guitars to radio stations that have showed the most support over the years.  They gave special precedence to the ones that gave them a chance  early on and believed in them.  Here is to the next 10 years Rascal Flatts!!

Rascal Flatts welcomes the surprise guest appearance of Marty Raybon as they rock out to "The Church on Cumberland Road" and Marty reigns in the crowd with "Ghost In This House."

Earlier in the evening Taylor Swift entertained a larger audience as the featured artist of the Music City Jam showcase.  Her stage show was true Taylor with plenty of hair whipping, drum banging, smoke/lights, and thank yous to the crowd.  It is said that she invited one hundred Belmont students to enhance audience participation.  This was a smart move for Taylor since Music industry crowds do tend to naturally watch live music with a critical, subjective mindset.  She wanted the atmosphere to be less critical and more upbeat – so Belmont it was!

Only on the scene since the mid-2006 release of her self-titled album, Taylor still has to prove herself to the executives, djs, and program directors or country radio.  It is shows like this that she has to truly win over the crowd and gain even more die hard supporters within the country music industry so in a few years she could be having her 10 year Anniversary party and thanking radio for believing in her early on.

Whether you came to CRS After Hours as a hopeful artist looking for a listening ear or a radio personality catching up with old friends, Country Radio Seminar is an industry networking goldmine.  If you missed last night, you have two more nights to make up for it.  For tips on what to bring and who to talk to – CLICK HERE!
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  1. Wow girl.. thanks for the pic… that’s Will Champlin, son of Bill Champlin who recently retired from ‘Chicago’ YES.. the group.. lol!! and I hadn’t had the chance to catch up with him, he’s a busy busy guy with his own up and coming Indie career.. CRS is the greatest chance to meet up with everybody while they are in town!! More fun tonight.. AYE?!? {=o)

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