Tin Pan What??

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No, Paula Dean is not making her way to Nashville right now for the Annual Southern Baker’s Convention.  March 30 – April 3 is not the time of year professional bums converge on Music City to learn how to “shake the pan” and earn a better living on the streets.  Then the question still remains – tin pan what?

TIN PAN SOUTH, the 18th Annual actually, is organized by the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI).  According to the Tennessean, “The world’s largest all-songwriter festival, Tin Pan South drew more than 350 songwriters and more than 9,000 music fans at last year’s event.  Money earned during the festival goes to the not-for-profit NSAI, a trade organization that works to boost songwriters and protect their intellectual property rights.”

For the third consecutive year NSAI has partnered with Watkins College of Art, Design & Film to give a fresh look to the popular 18th Annual Tin Pan South Songwriters Festival presented by Regions Bank. The original artwork selected for 2010’s festival depicts what Tin Pan South is all about – bringing attention to the people who write songs and recognizing the past as well as celebrating the future. Junior Graphic Design major Michael Korfhage designed a revitalized retro-themed piece that will be used in all Tin Pan South promotional materials and website. (more about this year’s artwork)

NSAI’s motto, “It all begins with a song,” is what drives Nashville.  The music industry is built on the backs of some of the most creatively artistic songwriters in the world.  With out songwriters we wouldn’t have publishing companies, record labels, management groups, music television stations or magazines, etc.  It makes sense then that Tin Pan South would be the world’s largest all-songwriter event as it is based in Nashville.  People who attend Tin Pan South are serious about their career in the music business or are highly devoted fans of the song itself, not just the messenger the mainstream world sees in the artists that tour and sing the melodies.

When you attend the official Tin Pan South events around town be prepared to be awed, inspired, and even humbled.  You will hear hit after hit, love song after break up song, and tempos galore.  If you are a beginning or undiscovered songwriter, don’t leave writer’s rounds with your head down.  Remember all of those people were in your unknown shoes at some point.  Also don’t let the fear of being in the presence of accomplished individuals prevent you from making your way out to the events.

Come back tomorrow for Tin Pan South Tips & Highlights

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  1. I love Tin Pan ! Great writers and good friends to be seen everywhere. I don’t get to go to as many shows as I like, but when I’m lucky, I do!

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