Tin Pan South TIPS (pt.1)

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Guard your time.

For those of you who have a handle on what Tin Pan South is, we can now discuss how to make the most of your time.  Here are a few helpful ideas, reminders, and highlights to consider when mapping out your music listening schedule for next week.

1. Visit the Tin Pan South website. NSAI does a fantastic job of preparing the songwriter fans and tunesmith hopefuls with their online resources.  The Tin Pan South website has lists of performers, venues, schedules, and highlights.   They have even collected area resources, hotels, and travel tips.  You can also get updates and news on facebook, twitter and myspace.

2. Fast Pass. To fast pass or not to fast pass: that is the question… Typically in Nashville, if there is a cover charge required to enter an event, it gets you into the venue for the night and you get to enjoy all the sets/artists.   This is not the case for Tin Pan South.  Every set is a new entrance fee, a new line, and they clear out the venue and conduct a brand new admittance to the event.  If you have ever been to the Blue Bird (an NSAI venue), this is how they run their shows.  There are 2 lines that form for every show – fast pass line and pay as you go line.  Both lines fill up.  The venue will allow the fast pass holders in first.  After that they begin to allow the pay as you go line to enter the venue.

Direct from the ticket information page, “Please note that, though pass holders receive preferential admission to club shows, admission/seating is not guaranteed.  Venues already filled to capacity or those requiring reservations may prevent admission.  Fast Access Passes are designed to satisfy a show’s cover charge only.  Pass holders are responsible for any required food/beverage minimum by the venue.”  You have to decide if you want to pay as you go or purchase the fast pass.  You will hear opinions from all sides as to what you should do.  Remember, if you claim your music life as a business, the purchase of a fast pass is a business expense.

3. Request songwriter referrals. Music appreciation is subjective.  We are all fans of our own particular group of songwriters.  Talk to some of your friends and get a feel for who else might be out there.  This week is a chance to soak up lyrical artistry, purposeful melodies, and crazy talent.  You have at least 5 favorite writers, your friends may have 5, and so forth and so on.  As you get a feel for who else your musical acquaintances are going to see, your list of “must sees” will grow and materialize before you know it.

Another good idea for anyone that uses software like itunes to play your music would be to sort your music my most played and see who comes up in the composer column.  This could be an eye-opening experience for you to identify more writers that you love their work and you didn’t even know it!  After talking to friends and diving into your personal music library, another suggestion could be to look at the recent top 40 charts.  You can find out whose writing is currently being acknowledged and you can add these people to your must see list.  Once you have an idea for who you want to see you can find out if they are playing by viewing the complete list of performers.

Read Tips 4-6
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