Benefits of Connecting Online

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Everyone likes to share

Internet interaction on social media sites like facebook, twitter, and youtube have strong direct marketing roots.  True fans of artists or products become unofficial brand advocates for the people and companies they ascribe to.  The heartbeat of online social media is the need to share (market) an idea, belief, link, song, video, movie, hobby, etc.

When a person dives into and falls in love with the unique patchwork of a city, they want to tell their friends.  Before the internet, buzz about experiences like this or news of up-and-coming artists came from radio, television, and the written word.  Now, people can share their passions instantly online from computers and hand-held devices.  The Nashville Music Buzz whole heartedly shares the business, creativity, art, music, venues, and people of Nashville.

Whether you are doing the sharing or learning about something new – this relationship will always be reciprocal.  The interpersonal exchange of passions and interests is contagious.  When you are the person dispensing new information, you have the joy of spreading the creative wealth around by turning your friends on to new ideas, places and music.  Sharing through online networks reinforces relationship building.  When you expose a person to something new it opens the door for dialogue, good and bad, which leads to a greater understanding of each other and the topic on hand.

Connecting online is easy to manage and track.  Most sights build in analytics tools to helps it’s users analyze the results of activity.  This enables the marketing/business minded users of social media to be more strategic with their online time.  Of course the exchange of ideas is instantaneous.  The rapid delivery of ideas keeps the conversation ball rolling.

The NMB has expanded it’s influence by creating a facebook fan page, twitter account, and youtube music channel.  Here is what you can find at these sites:

Facebook: By becoming a fan of The Nashville Music Buzz, you can receive updates for new blog posts, thoughts from the writers, and the ability to connect with other like-minded people.

Twitter: There isn’t enough time in the day to blog about everything that happens in Nashville or the creative world.  That is where twitter comes in – this micro-blog shares snippets about inspirational thoughts, artists, and events that are happening around town.

Youtube: The Nashville Music Buzz youtube channel brings the magic to you.  Not everyone can come to Music City and hear the songwriters sing their hits or undiscovered artists.  By subscribing to this channel you can experience new music, beloved hits and share the videos with friends.

For more videos like this, visit the NMB youtube channel.  Hope to see you take advantage of the full Nashville Music Buzz Experience by connecting on facebook, twitter, youtube and of course here on wordpress.
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