Help! I’m Not Creative Anymore!!

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“Help!  I have lost my spark, my zen, my reason for being?  Creativity is gone and living in someone else’s soul.  I haven’t painted in weeks.  I don’t write songs anymore.  Why sing a song that no one listens to.  Photography, what’s that?!”

Sound familiar, not feeling productive lately?  Don’t worry, your passion isn’t permanently gone.  Your fuel tank is just temporarily on ‘E.’  If your car runs out of gas, do yo leave it on the side of the road – never to drive it again… OF COURSE NOT.

Just because you may be experiencing a temporary lack of creativity, doesn’t mean you should panic.  It is just that – temporary.   Just like you wouldn’t leave the car on the side of the road to rust and wear away when you run out of gas, you will not leave your driving, lifelong creative passion to die either.  No matter how long it has been since your last project, don’t worry – your dream still knows your address.

Besides, you were born with that passion!  You wouldn’t be YOU without it.  If your creative spark is M.I.A., how do you get it back?  There are numerous self-help websites, blogs and forums that share tips and tricks on how to get your groove back.  After all, if Stella can get hers back, so can you!

  1. Go back to what makes you YOU. If you haven’t laughed in a while, find a reason to crack a joke.  If hunting is your thing, plan a trip.  Take a minute or two remember the gas that helps turn you on.  If you like to explore nature and you haven’t been out and about lately – go hug a tree, and climb it while you are at it!
  2. Tap into relationships. Sometimes you can become this creative island that disconnects from reality and people.  Don’t underestimate the importance of sharing your story and hearing the ups and downs of the people in your world.  You never know where your next piece of inspiration can come from.
  3. Put it down. If you give too much of yourself to the art you love so dearly it will overtake your life and you will get lost.  Walk away.  If you love it, set it free.  If it was meant to be – it will come back to you.  (Consequently, if it never comes back, then it was probably just a hobby and maybe it is time to take that pottery class at the ‘Y’).
  4. Learn/try something new. The act of acquiring a new skill will always leads to improvement and the generation of new life.  Even just reading a book from that author you have always wanted to read will give you a sense of accomplishment.
  5. Get back on the horse. Maybe it has been quite some time since your pen wrote poetry deep enough that it could make a cowboy cry and you fear words like that will never come back to you again.  Well stop saying never and get back up there.  Pull the guitar out, dust off the keys, wash out the old brushes and create already!

Tina Turner isn’t exactly Aristotle, but I think she may be onto something here,  “Sometimes you’ve got to let everything go – purge yourself.  If you are unhappy with anything . . . whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it.  Because you’ll find that when you’re free, your true creativity, your true self comes out.”  Maybe something is weighing you down and you have been avoiding the day of reckoning.  Stop running and making excuses, face it today and free yourself.

Can’t come up with new ideas, take a deep breath and stop being so hard on yourself.  Don’t leave the car on the side of the road.  Take some time to figure out what fuels you.  Fill yourself up and get back on the road.

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  1. Lack of sleep and being around negative people can cause you to loose your groove too…they can weigh you down. Ya gotta make some time to refuel the tank or you will be bone dry…I would love to see some other ideas for refreshing your creative edge! Hopefully, this thread will go ballistic with all kinds of … See Morecool ideas! I will give one that works for me…I love to visit shops that are in tune with what makes my spirits soar…I once went to a really cool ornamental pond retailer in Atlanta…the place was really more of an “experience” than a retail store. The sound of running water, the beauty of all of the water plants and water gardens , the koi swimming around and coming up to the surface to greet me, the gorgeous music that filled the showroom all awakened my spirit and made me feel like I could do anything! :o)

    • I completely agree. I bitter grapes only lead to a whole bunch of raisins! 🙂

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