The Winners Are In (so far): Results from BMI & SESAC awards

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Make your predictions for tonight's CMA Awards

It is a busy week for Country music’s finest!!  Knowing everyone will be off their tour buses and in town for the CMA Awards, BMI and SESAC honored away!  The BMI 2010 Country Music Awards (last night) and SESAC 2010 Nashville Music Awards (Monday night) made for a packed schedule and arms full of accolades.  Tonight’s CMA awards will the icing on the cake for many artists and writers in Music City.

If anyone has the right to be a judge of a good song, it would be people associated with a PRO (performing rights organizations).  BMI & SESAC are just two of the many organizations established to defend songs and support the people who create and perform them.  BMI says this on their site, “Underlying everything BMI does is its philosophy: an open-door policy that welcomes songwriters, composers and music publishers of all disciplines, and helps them develop both the creative and business skills crucial to a career in music.” When you come in contact with the vast numbers of songs they do, you begin to know a good song when you hear one.

Click the links below to find out which songs, publishers, and songwriters they chose to honor this year.

Click here for this year's winners

Click here for this year's winners

Here is a hint…

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