The Home of The Brave…

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Just remember the last lines Christina and be brave.  The rockets are blazing for sure, but it isn’t the kind of fireworks her publicist was hoping for just minutes after Christina Aguilera’s Super Bowl performance.  But then again, look what the Taylor-Kanye fiasco did for both of them… Without jumping on too many bandwagons or picking up too many stones at once here people, just remember – it happens.

Singers make mistakes, when is the last time any one of these boisterous critics sang with a delay, in a packed house, under that kind of pressure?  How quick everyone is to jump on her.  That is the price you pay to have the guts to get out there and sing in public.  Any time you perform or display your creation, you bare your heart and soul to the world. The freedom to do that makes it America and truly the home of the brave.

Christina, like many pop stars these days, has been under the magnifying glass since an early age when she hit the scene at when barely 10 years old.  Aguilera first appeared on national television in 1990 as a contestant on the Star Search program, and went on to star in Disney Channel’s television series The Mickey Mouse Club from 1993–1994.  With 6 records, 5 grammys and her recent performance as Ali Rose in Burlesque under her belt – this is just par for the course for Christina.

The ladies on the View make her fresh meat in their daily HOT topics. Even People magazine’s pole declared that 74% of people were unhappy with her performance.

Bravery goes both ways, we have the freedom to be brave while sharing our talent and we also have the freedom to bravely share our disdain.  Maybe in the process we can display a little bit of loving discernment along the way to know when it is beneficial to do so.

In a statement announcing her singing assignment on January 24th, Aguilera said, “I have been performing the anthem since I was seven years old and I must say the Super Bowl is a dream come true.” After her performance Christina was quoted as saying,”I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through.”

Super Bowl 2011 Performance

NBA Finals (game 6) 2010 Performance


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