The Importance of a Vocal Coach & Training

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Guest Blog by Vocal Coach - Jessica L. Ford

Teachers can “hear” and “see” what a beginning vocalist cannot. All of my students say they benefit from my teaching, even during the first lesson, and develop a better understanding of their voice. So, how do you find a coach that is suited for your voice?

Do you find that your improvement has halted and/or you are experiencing vocal problems that you cannot correct?

If you answered yes, then I’d say it’s a safe to say that you need a vocal coach. A coach can help to redirect your voice and eliminate problems. A coach can help you to correct problems that you might not be aware of. A coach can help you develop your style, increase your range, improve your tonality, and teach you tricks like developing vibrato or doing ‘runs’. All singers progress differently. Make sure that you aren’t rushing. Patience and singing go hand in hand. Anything that you do is better with hands-on training. Just like learning to drive a car. You can study all of the rules, but until you actually apply these rules, you probably won’t understand the total importance.

A good Vocal Coach will asses your ability and stretch you, helping you to grow with each lesson. We can see what’s going to go wrong before it happens by watching the way the student is approaching the voice and offer solutions to fix it. I’ve fixed vocal problems within seconds and some bad habits can be fixed over time. If you are a professional singer wouldn’t you prefer to have a Coach holding your hand along the way, rather than falling down and having to ask them to help you up?

It all comes down to vocal technique and finding a coach that is an excellent vocalist themselves and can explain technique to you in a way that you can understand and deliver.

An inexperienced vocal coach can really screw you up. Or better yet, a singing teacher might try to make you sound like all their other students. It is important to find a Coach who understands the uniqueness of an Artists voice and doesn’t try to ‘take away’ anything from you but use their technique to ‘add to’ your God-given talent.

About the Author:
Jessica has worked with industry leaders & motivational speakers including companies such as “Summit Seminars” (who currently work with “Tom Hopkins”), North American Title, Old Republic, Re/Max Today, and many more, teaching their team leaders techniques that will enhance each individuals voice for successful delivery and power. Jessica Ford is Nashville’s Premiere Vocal Coach. She brought her reputation and techniques from The Bay Area, California where she had been teaching and performing professionally for many years.


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