You Are In The Business of Marketing (whether you like it or not)

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Middle Brother as photographed by Amy Hobbs

In the instant age of Twitter and Facebook  checking you into events, celebrating your birthday and practically taking your pulse – Pandora’s box is as close to open as ever… With digital possibilities seemingly endless, the image of an artist/musician/band needs to be carefully crafted and protected now more than ever.

While fans listen to your  music for your lyrics and melody, they do also take into account your image. “The details of your career need to agree,” says Nashville based photographer Amy Hobbs.  When she references the details, she is talking about your website, music, clothing, and photography just to name a few.

As an artist, when you budget money for a new stage outfit, the perfect producer, or a killer guitarist to play on the studio album, you must also understand the importance of  having a professional photographer.  You wouldn’t hire your 10-year-old brother to be your accountant and you shouldn’t leave your image up to an amateur either. Your image includes everything you show to the public (in person, print, video, and digitally).

What's your brand??

David Ogilvy, the father of advertising, believes that, “Every advertisement should be thought of as a contribution to the complex symbol which is the brand image.”  Whether you like it or not, you are in the business of marketing and advertising as much as you are in the business of making music.  Constructing an honest and appealing brand is one of the most important marketing elements to help gain new fans and increase overall exposure.

Once you have decided on the message you want to convey with your image, you must prioritize the protection of that brand.  As already mentioned, this starts with your photos.  When you share a song link on Facebook, before they even give your music a listen, fans and potential listeners will be turned on or off by the title it was given and most importantly the image that does or doesn’t catch their attention.  Amy Hobbs is dedicated to giving artists promotional photos that will engage the fans and vividly convey the brand.

Photographer Amy Hobbs

Now based in Nashville, Amy studied photography at the Art Institute of Colorado and loves to support the music community with her art.  Artists can benefit from live photos as well as promotional shots.  The promo shots can be used in digital prints promoting shows or as profile photos.  Fans also love to browse the photo galleries of their favorites bands so having a few extra photos on hand is never a bad idea.

When Amy begins a project, she takes a personal approach with each photo shoot.  She likes to listen to the music and consult with the band/artist so she can create a unique experience intimately tied to the brand and message of the client’s music.

Visit her site to see more photos and learn how you can connect with Amy for your next promotional shots.  Knowing the typical size of an artist’s budget, Amy is currently offering live performance shots free of charge to anyone that collaborates with her for a promotional shoot.


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