Nashville Songwriters Association International: Join the club

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“No man or woman is an island.  To exist just for yourself is meaningless.  You can achieve the most satisfaction when you feel related to some greater purpose in life, something greater than yourself,” Denis Waitley.

Back in 1967 a group of Nashville songwriters thought it would be a good idea to band together and form a songwriter’s association.  This organization of like-minded writers would come together to protect the rights, interests and dreams of songwriters.  They took Denis Waitley’s comments to heart and formed Nashville Songwriters Association International.

Today, NSAI is in it’s 44th year, and it is stronger than ever!  Acting as the unofficial “Chamber of Commerce” for Music Row, it is a buzzing hive of activity. 

If you have ever said, “I am a songwriter, now what?” then NSAI is for you.  The music business professionals at NSAI are passionate about taking you and your songs to the next level.  Through workshops, networking and educational events, one-on-one mentoring, and song evaluations you are challenged with methods to enhance the craft of songwriting as well as concepts about the business of music that will give you a whole new perspective about the journey ahead.

If you were a lawyer or a teacher you would join a professional association dedicated to the craft of what you do – songwriting is no different.  NSAI’s invaluable tools and commitment to it’s members attracts people that are serious about the business of songwriting.  Whether your destiny is to have thirty number one hits or it is to be a weekend poet that sings at your local music venue, becoming a member of NSAI will help to enhance the kernels of ability that you have so that you bloom where you are planted.

One thing that sets NSAI apart from other organizations is the legislative work that Executive Director, Bart Herbison, is so magnetically focused on.  He is determined to promote the rights of songwriters on Capitol Hill.  His work has put more money back in the pockets of songwriters and that will always be welcomed. Illegal downloading sights might not like him, but the songwriting community sure does!

There are misconceptions about NSAI that need to be disbanded and put to rest.  It is not “AA” for songwriters.  It is not a place where songwriters come to cry and “woe is me” their way through the day.  The over 6,000 member organization has every one from the just starting, 14 year old new member to hitmakers like Toby Keith and Carrie Underwood who are proud to be lifetime members.  The members come together to discuss their perspective, journey, questions, and their music.  This synergy helps the songwriters to learn from one another as well as the industry professionals that help to facilitate the events.

Do yourself a favor and make the best investment you will ever make in your career as a songwriter.  Take ten minutes and comb their site for yourself and then join the club!  NSAI’s slogan, “It all starts with a song,” is true – but right now, for you it all starts with a CLICK.  Check out their site, call the offices, and even stop in and see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

  1. i’m a 16 year old nigerian and which 2 join this association of songwriters

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