Sneak Peak To Keith Urban’s Get Closer 2011 World Tour

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Thursday, June 9, Keith Urban treated his fans to a sneak preview of his Get Closer 2011 World Tour. In the downtown Nashville Municipal Auditorium, Keith and his band played a shortened preview of his up-and-coming tour.  The room was littered with media, cameras, bloggers and fans of all ages.

This invite-only event was made possible courtesy of AT&T.  Starting with Valet parking, guests were then ushered into the arena where people were buzzing about what songs would be sung.  The band was warmed up from their performance on the 2011 CMT Music Awards that took place the night before.

The show started out with a mix of Van Morison and The Beatles as Keith and the band took their place to open up the afternoon with “Put You In A Song.”  He went on to play favorites like:

  • “Only You Can Love Me This Way”
  • “You Gonna Fly”
  • “Long Hot Summer”
  • “Making Memories of Us”
  • Plus more!

This performance was a chance to run lighting, song order, and video effects.  The set design included a huge screen that helped to set the stage for the songs at hand.  For more intimate portions of the show, it would display images of Keith and the band – allowing the viewer to “Get Closer.”

Keith took himself very humbly and noted multiple times that this was a rehearsal, that the real show would be so much more.  It was clear between the cameras going off, the crowd singing along, and the screams that filled in the gaps, no one was let down. You could tell Keith loves what he does.  He was at home on stage with the guitar and his smiles brought the crowd in even more.

One Country music surprise was the video/audio collaboration of a Little Big Town song, “Boondocks.”  After the outro for “You Gonna Fly” Keith and the band went into the bluegrass ending of the LBT hit.  The members of LBT sang along on the video screen while Keith and the band accompanied.  The crowd was pleasantly surprised.

Between rocking out on stage and playing acoustic guitar out in the crowd, Keith knows how to keep the fans’ attention – not to mention the high caliber of musicians in the band.  This sneak preview peaked interest and added to the buzz that is already starting.  Check out the tour schedule and be sure not to miss Keith Urban’s Get Closer 2011 World Tour.

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  1. You know Keith puts on an amazing show! I can’t wait to see him live!

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