Space Capone: Somebody Still Knows How To Perform Live

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If you are stuck on thinking there is only one kind of music in Music City, can that and think again. Their ain’t nothing Country about what was bursting out of The Mercy Lounge this past Saturday night. From the parking lot you couldn’t tell if it was an Earth, Wind & Fire tribute concert or Adam Levine of Maroon 5 covering Michael Jackson tunes… After the groove pulled you in, you found a blonde, vested lead singer and 10 people packed on stage making original music that was groovy, entertaining and righteous.

One note after the next, if a band can be retro and timeless at the same time , Space Capone has this on lock. With multi-layered hooks coming at you from the melody, the lyric, and the parade of music, there is no resisting the groove. With emphasis on rhythms that spawned dancing, the crowd was helpless to control their smiles, waving hands, and 70’s leg kicks.

For this show, the band consisted of lead vocals, harmony singers, dueling keyboards, drums, side percussion, sax, trumpet, flute, bass, two electric guitars and plenty of on-stage dancing. It’s easy to see how a band this size can deliver a luscious sound that will stick with you for days.

At one point in the performance, the band kept the groove rolling and rap stylists from Notes 4 Notes joined the group on stage.  They had the crowd’s arms in the air waving like they just didn’t care and responded with a unified Capone as one of the rappers urged them on with Space. These special guests were teens from the local charity where Space Capone gives back and encourages local boys and girls to be good individuals.

Overall, it does me well to know that a.) people still write good music, b.) they know how to perform it live, and c.) audiences are smart enough to come out and listen. Space Capone performed “I Like It” which can be found off their latest record. Hear it now…

One of the special guests for the evening was Alyssa Bonagura. She warmed up the crowd with her killer vocals and talent on multiple instruments. Her sound is rich, sustainable and addictively Pop. “No stranger to the music biz, Alyssa’s childhood was spent between home and a tour bus with her singer/songwriter parents Michael Bonagura and Kathie Baillie, from the hit country act “Baillie and the Boys.” It seemed only natural for Alyssa to become a singer and songwriter herself—as a ten year old she recorded a Christmas duet with Kenny Rogers, and she started writing songs at eleven.” Here is a youtube video of the song she opened her set with…

A note to all you history buffs out there: The Mercy Lounge and Cannery Ballroom reside in Nashville’s Historic Cannery building. Built in 1883, the Cannery was originally a flour mill and later a place to grind coffee. The building earned it’s name when the Dale Food company bought it in 1957 and began processing food (jams, jellies, mustard, mayonnaise, peanut butter, etc.) eventually opening a restaurant called “The Cannery” in the early 1970s.

Note: This was originally written for and published on GoodBAMMSho

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