Chasing Summer

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Sun. Cool breezes. Warmth. Eternal Summer. What would life be like if you never encountered Winter’s seasonal chill? Evading the brittle trees waiting for leaves and snow covered ground dreaming of green would place you in a category of gypsies chasing Summer. With a good travel agent, you could traverse the globe in search of mild climates, always landing in sunshine… never seeing Winter again.  That’s what Tammy Rochelle and Joseph Bamber have in mind.

In addition to being soulful travelers, Tammy and Joseph are the founding singer/songwriters that made 1+1=1… 1 group that is, Chasing Summer. Chasing Summer is not only their mantra, but the title of this sweet new duo made up of the soon-to-be married love birds. Tammy Rochelle, born and raised on the coast of North Carolina, has lived and traveled all over the world. Joseph Bamber hails from Wyoming, was raised in Missouri, and has lived in many different places on the globe. They currently call Nashville, TN home.

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Moving from seasoned solo artists to this new partnership was a natural fit for Chasing Summer. Tammy shares that it was always a dream of hers to meet, fall in love, make music, and ultimately enjoy a traveling career with the love of her life – Joseph was it! Tammy and Joseph’s musical duo was born through a series of beautiful events. It all began with both of them independently meeting their Polish musician friend, Tom, at a music & arts festival in Hungary. After traveling and playing on musical projects with him individually, the two were introduced by Tom. Over crepes at a french cafe in Nashville and playing songs in the living room, something romantic and musical began to surface.

With an international whirlwind courtship under their belt, Chasing Summer decided what better way to continue the story but by collaborating on their debut album.  All the songs (with the exception of the Gospel medley) were penned by the duo.  The music is an outpouring of their experiences together so far. “Into The Sunset” for example was written while the couple sat on Valentine’s Day in an open-air restaurant on the side of a volcano over-looking a lake just about a year ago in Nicaragua.  They wrote the chorus while taking in this unbelievable view and then the song lay dormant until just before it was time to hit the album sessions at Dark Horse.  They decided this song had to be on the project because it was a testament to their story and a shining example of how two people can make beautiful music together.  Once finished, it was the crowning glory of their inaugural venture.

Joseph shared that working as a duo really gives way to a reassuring support that makes them stronger as a duo.  But when life is work and work is life, the lines of life and art and career begin to blur. Joseph and Tammy find that they have to be sure to set aside time to foster both their lifetime partnership as well as their musical goals.

Bursting with love, a wedding on the horizon, and a story like this, why not plan an album release party in anticipation of Valentine’s Day.  Tammy and Joseph have invited their fans and friends to join them in Nashville at The Listening Room Cafe, Thursday, February 9 at 8:00pm. (For details and RSVP, click HERE).  When their voices come together, the harmonies are like milk and honey.  This vocal fusion mixed with an organic writing style will be sure to entertain you live.

After nuptials, next on the list for this committed couple is a Honeymoon tour in May. Be sure to check out Chasing Summer to see why two are better than one.  See the magic of their collaboration, how the pairing together of hard working artists breeds a collaborative spirit that fosters sparkling chemistry and amazing music.

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