In Like Lions

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An African proverb suggests that, “Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.” In this day and age when it seems like musicians are stepping as solo acts to find nothing but industry comparisons and rejection – some artists are on the right track by banding together.  Boston-based Rock band In Like Lions knew there was power in numbers when they formed around three years ago.

The members of In Like Lions – Dave Bates (Drums), James Bridges (Guitar), Dave Kauffman (Bass), and Troy Ramey (Vocals) – perform their own original material with touches of covers sprinkled into their live performances. With over one hundred local shows under their belt, the band decided to venture out of the Boston area with their first official tour ending with a curtain call in Austin at SXSW.

“Being in a band is a constant learning process, whether we are on the road for a big show, or just at a routine rehearsal. I think the most important thing that we have learned is that we love what we are doing, more than anything. And that is motivation for all of us to stick with the tough times. Because there are a lot of those. Financially, hitting the road and leaving our jobs is not the easiest thing to do, but we all just have to believe in each other and our music and make that sacrifice,” shares lead singer Troy Ramey.

When deciding what cities to make a priority on the tour, Nashville was certainly on their radar.  Choosing to play at Revolver on Sunday, March 11, In Like Lions is poised to refresh the local Rock scene with songs like “Sheets” and “Lies”. Both tracks are off of their recently released album titled Through Red & Blue.  You can hear “influences from grunge to soul, with addictive hooks and complex, layered rock as this project examines the full spectrum of love—the warmth, the fulfillment, the pain, the desire—while avoiding anything resembling schmaltz.”

When four creative guys come together where does a name like IN LIKE LIONS come from anyway? “We had been tossing a few different names around about three years ago when we started up, and for a few months we were going by “The Vigilantes” but it never really sounded that good to us. There were also several other bands with that name. It was actually in March of that year that we decided to nail down a better name and the saying “in like a lion, out like a lamb” came up. We happened to have a lot coming up in the way of shows and exciting things for a new band. It just seemed to fit our energy and our personalities especially during that time of year, although we realized that if we were ever to get a bad review it would be easy for someone to finish that saying…in like lions went out like lambs… haha hasn’t happened yet. Fingers Crossed!”

When you decide to find power in numbers, always pick a name for your group you can stand behind – it will be one of the top three questions you are asked as a band! Once the group is named and the genre of music is settled upon, how do you stay together with all those creative spirit knocking around? Generally, when you check your ego at the door, truly enjoy playing together, and have a realistic understanding of the big picture of the group – you should be poised for relative success. Troy leaves with this when speaking to the question of how to stay together, “If I were to give some advice for keeping a group together, I’d have to say that respecting everyone’s opinion and ideas is absolutely key. A group of guys can be more sensitive than they’d like to admit, so realizing the goal of the “Band” and not personal goals are certainly a must. And if you identify what the ultimate goal for the group is and everyone is on board, then just go for it as hard as you can because its hard as hell to get noticed, so you just gotta keep going and playing as much as you possibly can.”

Check out their tour dates and see for yourself that this band has to offer – until then, you can find their music on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and Pandora OR check out this interview to get a taste of what’s in store.

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