Be A Charity Case

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Who comes to mind when you think of celebrity giving?  U2’s Bono perhaps (one of the featured givers on celebrity giving site Looking To The Stars), maybe even people like Lady Gaga and Alicia Keys giving up Twitter for a good cause now and then.  Don’t forget the golf tournaments and baby holding done by groups like Rascal Flatts.

Whether they are golfing to cure cancer, donating the performance of a live concert to buy instruments for high school jazz bands, riding a Harley to benefit the local Kiwanis chapters, or doing live concerts for the patients at children’s hospitals – musicians are throwing their star power left and right for good causes.  This is an amazing way to use the platform celebrities find themselves on after their rise to stardom.

But how many artists take a break from paying gigs to give back to the communities they are performing for when they are just starting? When should the giving back start? It may be a best practice to start building community early on in your career.  Nothing beats building bridges with towns and fans like years of goodwill!

Don’t wait until you are a household name to give back, start now. French playwright Moliere says this, “Every good act is charity. A man’s true wealth hereafter is the good that he does in this world to his fellows.” When you are booking a gig in a city like Memphis, arrive the morning of the gig and perform at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. When you swing through Denver for a killer show, plan for a stop in at the MorningStar Senior Living Center.

Nashville based band The Cumberland Collective stops in at the Egleston Children’s Hospital on their last trip to Atlanta, GA.

When you make money from ticket and merchandise sales, give a portion back to a local charity. If you have an affinity for pets, give back to the local shelter.  Maybe your thing is high school drama departments – pretty sure they would accept a check of any amount to put into their Spring performance of Godspell. You never know what wounds your music can heal or dreams you can invest in when you give back to the forgotten and least of these – decide today to be a charity case!

Don’t know where to start? Google sites like this one (https://www.justgive.org/) to search for a cause you can stand behind!

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