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singingLead Vocal & BGVs

Nominated 2 years in a row (2009/2010) as one of the top 5 female demo singers on demosinger.com

Range: Very Wide Range (usually Low E flat to High E)

Can Sound Like:
– Sara Evans
– Faith Hill
– Adele
– Bonnie Rait
– Carrie Underwood
– Norah Jones
– Patsy Cline
– Diana Krall
– Toni Braxton
– Plus more…

Genres: Country (New and Old), Pop, Blues, Rock, Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Jazz

Location: Franklin

Willing to Record: Greater Nashville Area

Studio Access: Yes

Years of Studio Experience: 6

– Expert harmony singer
– Average about 30 minutes to record a lead vocal
– Use the Nashville Numbers System for melodies
– Emotional, powerful delivery

Fee: Negotiable

Contact: debragmusic@gmail.com

Vocal Samples:

Debra Gordon on iLike

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