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RELEASE: The Vespers To Release “The Fourth Wall” April 3rd

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Two Sisters, Two Brothers – Create Infectious Folk-Pop.

The Vespers are one of those lucky young bands who are becoming a word of mouth sensation though they’ve only quietly self-released one record. With two sisters on lead vocals and two brothers filling out the sound, the foursome are distinguished by an arsenal of instruments and the kind of harmony only siblings can create. They have toured from Boston to Austin, hitting everything from festivals to college campuses. On The Fourth Wall out April 3rd, they Read the rest of this entry »

Chasing Summer

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Sun. Cool breezes. Warmth. Eternal Summer. What would life be like if you never encountered Winter’s seasonal chill? Evading the brittle trees waiting for leaves and snow covered ground dreaming of green would place you in a category of gypsies chasing Summer. With a good travel agent, you could traverse the globe in search of mild climates, always landing in sunshine… never seeing Winter again.  That’s what Tammy Rochelle and Joseph Bamber have in mind. Read the rest of this entry »

The Importance of a Vocal Coach & Training

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Guest Blog by Vocal Coach - Jessica L. Ford

Teachers can “hear” and “see” what a beginning vocalist cannot. All of my students say they benefit from my teaching, even during the first lesson, and develop a better understanding of their voice. So, how do you find a coach that is suited for your voice?

Do you find that your improvement has halted and/or you are experiencing vocal problems that you cannot correct? Read the rest of this entry »

Lucy Angel

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The Ladies of Lucy Angel

Country Radio Seminar (CRS) is a gold mine for publicity and making connections.  Groups like Lucy Angel are making the rounds with the media at their tail clambering for interviews, radio and TV spots as well as the ever present fan photo.  This is a great jump start to a radio tour with so many communicators in one place. Read the rest of this entry »

The Importance of Vocal Practice/Warm-up

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Guest Blog by Vocal Coach - Jessica L. Ford

A study by Elliott, Sundberg, & Gramming emphasized that changing pitch undoubtedly stretches the muscles, and any singer will tell you that vocal warm-ups make them feel more prepared. Physical whole-body warm-ups also help prepare a singer. Muscles all over the body are used when singing (the diaphragm being one of the most obvious). Stretches and relaxation of the abdomen, neck, and shoulders are important. Stress and tension can influences the sound of the voice. Read the rest of this entry »

Demosinger of the Year for 2009

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Nashville is teeming with talented vocalists.  Most singers in town come here thinking they will be the next Faith Hill or Garth Brooks.  When that doesn’t happen overnight (or at all) they have to decide if they want to play a different part in the music industry or just head back home because their star may never shine on the walk of fame.

Instead of heading for the hills when your dreams don’t pan out quite like you thought, sometimes tweaking your vision a little can help you find your niche in a town you thought you already had figured out.  For some vocalists, they can find their lasting groove as a demo singer. Read the rest of this entry »

Singers Listen Up

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singingI am going to suggest there are four major types of singers in town – songwriters who do a fine enough job getting their songs out, entertaining artists who do make their way through the bar scene, road/touring back ground vocalists, and finally the studio singer.  Many people end up being any combination of these.  With music it is rare to find someone who doesn’t make it a point to be well rounded.

If one thing is true it is that there is not a sure fire way to be heard in this town.  Singers end up dabbling in a few different areas or gigs until they find a groove and find that they are able to either make a living doing that thing or they begin to get noticed.   One market it is hard to break out in is the demo singing world. Read the rest of this entry »

Sweetest Gift

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The sweetest gift on this date in 1964 for Gwen and Jack Yearwood was the birth or their daughter Patricia Lynn.  Born in Georgia, Trisha Yearwood grew up in a farming community with deep southern roots.  She developed a love for country music from the likes of Hank Williams and groups like the Eagles rounded out her musical tastes.

Trisha came on the Nashville scene by transferring to Belmont University after a short stay at the University of Georgia.  This began her roots in Music City.  Her story is a lot like many musicians who make the early decision to try out their musical dream by first attending a college in town. Read the rest of this entry »

The Mission

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NMB-logoThe purpose of this blog is to keep music, art, creativity, and everything that is beautiful, deep and true alive in myself and encourage it in others. I personally struggle on a daily basis to find my place in this world between the reality of life, the ideals in my mind, and the passion in my soul. So quickly life can march right over us and leave dreams undiscovered. Someone once said if you have a dream – live it; if you don’t get a job. Currently my “job” is to tackle this Nashville world and its music industry so I can achieve my dreams. I get a great deal of tips from people along the way and as I hear of a good service, website or studio etc… I am going to pass it along.

Why Nashville Music Buzz? Read the rest of this entry »

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