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Work What Your Mama Gave Ya

In Best Practices, Music Business, nashville, Songwriting on April 29, 2012 at 10:51 am

momInteresting title for what you are about to read… We are taught very basic skills from birth:

  1. Say please and thank you
  2. Mind your manners, be polite
  3. Always be on time
  4. Respect your elders
  5. Encourage your friends

These life skills and guiding principals, along with many others I am sure, are instilled in us as children.  However somewhere between childhood and “know-it-all adulthood” people forget the simple graces of social interaction and begin to think that these rules don’t apply and that they can do it better. Read the rest of this entry »

They’re Just Not That Into You

In Best Practices, Co-writing, Music Business, nashville, Networking, Songwriting on October 13, 2009 at 12:43 pm

not talkingThe dance of co-writing songs is like dating.  You have two people passionately connected to music who decide to give a relationship a whirl based on that commonality.  You get together a few times in attempts to get to know one another.  You might even write a song or two.  But there are red flags, the chemistry isn’t there and he or she is just not that into you.

It isn’t that they don’t like you as a person (well, sometimes it is, but that is an entire blog by itself).  Songwriters have individual tool kits that are unique to them.  In the tool kit of your strengths and abilities you may find the following Read the rest of this entry »

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