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What To Consider Before Going On Tour

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Coming down from Pittsburgh, the “City That Rocks” as ranked by Esquire Magazine in 2004 at the following popular Pittsburgh music venues and clubs, Chet Vincent & The Big Bend make Music City, USA a stop on their Spring tour schedule.  Appearing at The End, Chet brings his vulnerable vocals and throwback lyrics to the music lovers of Nashville. Read the rest of this entry »

Singing to the Bank: Increase Fan Base with SEO

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Today's blog is written by Jeffrey Gross from nPromote

There’s nothing Rock, Country, or Blue Grass about search engine optimization (SEO), and I can just see eyes glazing over as you read.  But with the slow agonizing death of the Radio Star (Buggles told us it was Video who did him in, turns out it was internet… and corporate greed naturally), you need a way for people to hear you.  Almost everyone finds their music online now, most steel it online, but regardless if you want to be heard by more people than can fit in your local bar, then putting yourself online is a must. Read the rest of this entry »

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