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CRS After Hours

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The 2010 Country Radio Seminar is off and running.  Last night, after a day of interviews, showcases, and industry discussions, the attendees of the seminar made their way to CRS After Hours at The Bridge.  After hours, The Bridge becomes more than a 4th floor glass structure connecting the hotel and public parking garage.  It is in this bar/lounge that industry veterans, hopefuls and wannabes stand on their musical clouds of wishful thinking and dream of what life would be life if we could all have a full time career in the music business that featured longevity, integrity, and some really good music; and yes – money! Read the rest of this entry »

Country Radio Seminar 2010, part 2

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View from inside the Bridge Bar


At night, the attendees of the seminar meet up at the Bridge Bar in the Renaissance Hotel downtown. The room is packed with seminar attendees with the nightly addition of local hopefuls that drop in to network. A word of caution – do not sign any contracts or shake any hands with someone that promises you the moon. A common downfall of this event is when unsigned artists attend the nightly mixers in hopes of being discovered and they get “wined and dined” by middle aged men in suits that tell them what they want to hear. You can want something so badly that you will trust anyone you hear and believe their words. Put your “street smarts hat” on and go into the crowd confidently yet realistically. Read the rest of this entry »

Country Radio Seminar 2010

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Official CRS 2010 logo

Country Radio Seminar 2010 kicks off this Wednesday, February 24, 2010.

One of the largest media gatherings of any kind, each spring this Nashville convention and trade show brings together nearly 1,000 delegates from Country Radio with 1,000 music industry professionals for three days of “growth through sharing.”  Radio attendees include Program Directors, General Managers, Promotion Managers, Sales Executives and Air Talent. (description taken from crb.org)

Locally referred to as CRS, this musical meeting of the minds is a networking goldmine for aspiring artists, musicians, radio hopefuls, song pluggers, songwriters, etc… Read the rest of this entry »

But It Is A GREAT Song?

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surprisedSongwriters in the music industry can be labeled as amateurs or professionals.  The only distinction between the two titles is money.  Amateurs do not get paid and professionals do.  Titles do not make you a good songwriter, but if you want to make a living out of creating songs, you better hope you make it to the professional side of the road.  But how does one turn into a professional songwriter?

Simple, an artist needs to record/cut your song.  That is it.  Sounds easy right?  But the ratio of songs to artists is absolutely in favor of the artist. Not to mention the long line of people between the artist and the songwriter that are allowed and encouraged to voice their opinion.  Your song has to be bullet proof.  Read the rest of this entry »

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