About the Writer

I, Debra Gordon, am a Jersey Girl gone Delawarian with a collegiate stay in central PA now loving the hills of middle Tennessee and the big small town feel of Franklin.

My most recent move to Franklin, TN has awakened my desire to “show up”  everyday.  That hasn’t always been the case even though I have the inner desire to feel, live, experience, do, etc.  I was in DE living a pretty normal life – family, house, friends, church, job… but I didn’t feel like I was plugging in to the vision God had for my life.  Having all of that seemed like an early death sentence for me (sorry to be so morbid).  The monotony of it all felt quite like entrapment.  A friend pushed me out of the box of my life there and told me to move to TN and pursue my dreams. I believe it was President Andrew Jackson that said, “I was born for the storm, the calm never suited me.”  I don’t wish a storm on myself, but the calm doesn’t quite cut it for me either.

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What others are saying:

“Well done Debra! Very ‘high level’. Thank you for sending this, I will follow.”

~ Scott Klarkowski, CA Photographer

“There isn’t a blog like yours out there.  You go girl!  Fresh for Nashville, Music Row, and the www!”

~ Preshias Harris, Nashville Writer, VP, Artist Accounts & Client Strategist

“Debra Gordon is a wonderfully talented singer and writer and a great example of the best kind of creative energy.”

~ Rob Simbeck, Nashville Writer

Debra’s writing has been featured on Nashville websites, in Nashville based publications such as Nashville Music Guide, as well as the news webite, fwix – collecting up-to-date news from major metropolitan areas.

  1. I just got a notification from this site…my subscription is confirmed…what do you think of that…. 🙂

  2. Hey Debra!

    LOVE the blog!

    Wow, great job! :^)


  3. keep up the good work…Love ya

  4. Looking awesome!!

  5. Deb,
    While reading through this blog, some parts of it brought tears to my eyes and an all too familiar ache and longing in my heart. While I am not in YOUR shoes, I can say that I do indeed understand how you feel in some respects. Music is also a passion of mine (singing, especially) and has been since I was old enough to talk. Keep following God and trusting in Him.

  6. And YOU have shown up sister… Livin’ Out Loud!!! I LOVE IT & YOU… You rock my world too friend!!! What did I ever do without you?!?! {=o) (Oh, I want my lil’ thingy by my name to be PINK PLZ.. lol)

  7. Fabulous, Deb! God is good!

  8. DG,
    …U HAVE BLESSED US @ TAKE3VIP! WOW! I truly appreciate you & your tlaents! I pray for contiual blessings for you & your giftings! Look forward to our own ‘concierge connection’, coffee @ U-NAME-THE-PLACE! thanx, tim

  9. very soothing, I could listen to a whole album of similar songs and I’m not even a country music guy!

    • haha… yeah – I would never say you were, but thanks for giving it a chance! 🙂 did you go download it?

  10. Awesome blog… I keep coming back for more! Thanks for writing about such interesting topics. I feel more connected to the Nashville community even while living vicariously from Tampa, FL!!!

  11. This is a great blog for upcoming musicians who want to get their name out there. Would I be able to send you a Nashville artist to review on your blog?

    • thanks for reading – it is hard when you are just starting out to know which direction to head since there is not true formula… don’t lose heart!!

  12. Here is the artist I was telling you about. He currently lives in Nashville too! Check out his facebook page and you can listen to his music. Thanks.

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