Featured Artists

2011 | AUGUST Featured Artists

Shelly Fairchild | Ruby’s Money

Shelly’s album is available now! Hear what she says about being an independent artist…
“I was so scared about being independent,” she admits of deciding to release “Ruby’s Money” on her own instead of shopping it to a major label. “But as soon as I became independent I felt like every possibility, every opportunity, everything was so open. Making this record, I felt like my soul was unleashed. I was able to sing how I sing and make choices like I would make ’em live. I feel so open and I feel so many acts—so many great, solid artists that we know and love—are finding themselves somehow independent and making it work. I think the possibilities for them, and for me, are endless.”

The Breedings | Laughing at Luck

The Breedings are a brother and sister duo based out of Nashville, TN – home of their debut album, Laughing at Luck. Originally hailing from Lexington, KY, the duo sings original material penned by singer/songwriter Willie Breeding, who released two solo albums (“Grey Skies” in 2007, “Cheap Vodka Rain” in 2009) while living in Brooklyn, NY. Big sister Erin stepped up in 2008 to become the lead singer. Brought together in the studio by their love of ‘70s country music, the pair emerged in 2011 with a surprisingly rock’n’roll album.

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